Lighted Garlands Are Fun And Bright

Lighted Harvest Garland

Lighted Harvest Garland

Lighted Garlands aren’t just for the Winter Holidays.  You can use these fun lighted displays to brighten your home, office restaurant or store year round.

For example, our 9-foot Harvest Lighted Garlands are just in time for Fall and Thanksgiving.  With 50 lights, maple leaves, corn and pumpkins, these lighted garlands are a delightful addition to your decor.

You can use these electric plug-in string light garlands indoors or outdoors.  Their wam glow welcomes family and guests alike.  Connect up to three sets end-to-end for a larger display, ideal for lining a fence, porch rail, stairway or outlining your front doorway.

Each set of lighted garlands comes with two extra bulbs and one extra fuse.

And if you love forsythias, our six-foot yellow forsythia lighted garlands are for you.   Ideal for year-round decorating, the yellow forsythia garland with 96 yellow lights with clear bulbs is absolutely stunning.  Adapter included.

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Battery operated lighted garlands lets you place them wherever you want.  They’re the perfect centerpiece accessory, look lovely on mantels and bookshelves, even brightly light up doors and entryways.

Our battery operated willow garlands are popular year-round.  60 warm white LED’s on a 6-foot cord, with 20-inch lead wire.    A six hour timer allows easy on/off.  Requires 3 AA batteries.

Lighted garlands with silver wire are the perfect complement to wedding table centerpieces and Holiday tables.  60 warm white LED’s on a six foot silver wire, complete with 6-hour timer.

After you’ve selected your lighted garlands, consider adding them to a wreath you make with Deco Poly Mesh.  Deco Poly Mesh is the weatherproof, indoor/outdoor fabric that is fun to use to create wreaths, wrap vases and floral arrangements, make holiday and sports decorations of all sizes and shapes.  By starting with a Poly Deco Mesh work form, you can easily make a colorful wreath and top it off with lighted garlands!

You’ll find everything you need on the Battery Operated Candles website.