Lighted Branches Are An LED’s BFF!

Movable, arrangeable LED lighted branches are one of the most creative design concepts going.  Small, bright LED’s attached to floral branches are stunning when placed in flower arrangements,  and are equally eye-catching when displayed by themselves.

Battery operated lighted branches give you the freedom to arrange, and place, the branches wherever you’d like.

Since these artificial LED light branches come in many varieties of trees and flowers, you can pick out your favorite and keep it in bloom all year!

battery operated, Yellow Forsythia Flower Branch

LED Yellow Forsythia Flower

A lighted floral branch getting attention right now on the Battery Operated Candles Facebook page, is our 20-inch tall, battery operated, Yellow Forsythia Flower Branch.  It touts 60 brilliant LED’s and 60 yellow Forsythia flowers.  It comes with an on/off switch, as well as a timer which cycles on for six hours, off for eighteen.  A 20-inch lead wire runs to a battery pack; 3 AA batteries required.

Our Yellow Forsythia lighted branch is perfect for weddings, parties and for brightening your home year-round.  And if Forsythia is not to your liking, consider Plum, Cherry, Rose flowers, and many styles of Willow twigs, including a natural Willow twig which looks fantastic when lit with 50 tiny rice lights!

Electric plug-in lighted branches are also available.  Heights from 20-inches to 3-feet.