LED Tea Lights Bulk – Quantity Discounts!

Rechargeable LED Tea Lights

Rechargeable LED Tea Lights

Battery operated, flameless tea lights are a  versatile and festive addition to any decorating scheme.  And, LED Tea Lights Bulk Pricing provides you with an economical way to purchase any type of tea light you need.

For example, our Rechargeable LED tea lights are perfect for applications where you’ll be using tea lights on a regular basis – restaurants, event planners, wedding receptions.

This set of six rechargeable tea lights comes with a charging base.  Their mellow amber flicker lights about 12 hours on a single charge.  A six-slot recharging station is included, along with an AC adapter (recharging takes about 8 hours).  The recharging base is designed to let you charge single tea lights, or the entire set at the same time.

Rechargeable tea lights are a long-lasting value.

LED Tea Lights Bulk Pricing allows you to purchase any of our tea lights in the quantities you need.  We not only sell our tea lights in bulk, you can also order combinations of tea lights and save even further.

Select from color changing battery operated tea lights, floating tea lights, tea lights with timers, even tea lights with remote control!  Indoor/outdoor, different colors and LED flame color available.