LED Puck Lights For Floral and Event Lighting

Battery powered LED Puck Lights are the convenient, versatile way to light floral displays, and to provide specialized event lighting.  In addition, Rite Lite LED Puck Lights are the ideal solution for lighting bookshelves, closets, workshops and kitchen areas.

Sold in sets of three, our wireless LED puck lights feature five LED’s that last over 100,000 hours!  Power source is three AAA batteries, easily replaceable.

Battery Powered LED Puck Lights

Battery Powered LED Puck Lights

Installation is a snap:  no wires required, just use the provided hook & loop fasteners or provided screws.  Their small size – 1.5 x 3.5-inches – allow for placement in the smallest of areas, and for discreet placement with floral arrangements, and for illuminating wedding cakes, photos, and more during special events.

The LED puck lights have a one-touch On/Off switch with dimmer.  Tap once for full brightness, tap again for softer light and tap again to turn off.  Easy!  And, the light head swivels and pivots for ideal light positioning.

LED puck lights are useful as emergency back up lights, too.

Also available in white color.

LED Puck Lights are part of our offering of specialty floral and event lighting.

We have floral light bases in a variety of shapes and LED lighting configurations.  This provides you with the ultimate in display flexibility.

For example, our White Floral Base measures 1.5-inches high and 7-inches in diameter, and has 23 super bright LED’s:  15 LED’s are  arranged so those lights shine up through the floral arrangement, while 8 LED’s are placed around the outside to illuminate the outer rim.

You can even get floral bases with remote controls and AC adapters, as well as color changing models.

Check out all the LED Puck Lights, floral bases, fiber optic lights, our 60 LED Wall Washer and more – light up your next special event with these easy to use, convenient, lighting products.