LED Bonsai Tree Makes For A Colorful Mothers Day

Blue LED Bonsai Tree

Blue LED Bonsai Tree

Mothers Day is right around the corner, but there’s still time to get your wife or mother a truly unique gift – like a colorful LED Bonsai Tree.

We have LED Bonsai Trees in two sizes.  Our 18-inch tree is battery operated, and the 23-inch tree is powered by household electricity (UL approved, transformer included).

Pictured here is a 23-inch, Blue LED Bonsai Tree.  It has 96 blue LED’s and 96 clear acrylic flowers on its multiple branches.  The trunk and branches are black.  Its base measures 6.5-inches x 6.5-inches, for easy placement on counters, tables, floors – you name it!

23-inch LED Bonsai Trees are also available in warm white, cool white, pink and green LED colors.

If you prefer a smaller LED Bonsai Tree, our 18-inch battery operated tree is for you.  It features 48 LED’s and 48 acrylic flowers, black trunk and branches, and 6.5-inch x 6.5-inch base.  Uses 4 AA batteries.

Select 18-inch LED Bonsai Trees in warm white, cool white, pink and blue LED colors.

Bonsai Trees make great decorations for parties and special events, as well as year-round household decor.  Make Mom her own personal Zen Garden and highlight it with an LED Bonsai Tree!  The smaller trees can even be used as centerpieces.

See a group photo of LED Bonsai Trees on our Facebook Page!