Layered Candles – Flameless, Battery Operated, Convenient!

Layered Look Flameless Candles

Layered Look Flameless Candles

One of the more interesting styles of flameless, battery operated candles we offer is Layered Candles – candles with multi colors.

From Candle Impressions are rustic, distressed style Layered Candles.  These flameless candles with the distintive black wick come in several color combinations:  Currant Red Layered, Bamboo Green Layered, and Brown and Honey Layered.  All measure 3-inches in diameter and 6-inches tall, and have three colors beautifully layered into each other.  Unscented.

Features include a programmable timer.  Two AA batteries required.

If you’d prefer a scented Layered Candle, take a look at Enjoy Lighting’s brown mottled flameless candle.  Measuring 3-inches diameter x 5-inches tall, this candle combines a blend of two fragrances – vanilla and hazelnut.

Made of real wax, it combines three shades of color that fade into each other.  This flameless candles also features three internal LED’s, which produce multiple points of randomly shifting light, for a glow that flickers, rolls and casts shadows just like a real flame.

Two AA batteries required.

With their multiple colors, Layered Candles fit into just about any room’s color scheme.  They’re perfect for holiday decorating and year-round display.

And since these battery operated, flameless layered candles are pillar style, you can place them without candle holders.  No wax drip!  No smoke!

However, if you prefer a candle holder, we have many to choose from, from simple to elegant.  Look on our website under Candle Holders.

A nice match is our 9-inch Driftwood Candle Holder with Glass Hurricane:

These driftwood-like pieces create a unique candle holder.  A nice candle holder for our rustic, distressed layered Candles, they’re equally at home in contemporary settings.  A clear glass hurricane included.

The driftwood measures 10-inches in diameter x 9-inches tall.  The glass hurricane is 5.5-inches wide x  6.5-inches tall.