Lavender Sachet Bags And Lavender Bundles

Lavender.  Gorgeous, fragrant lavender is the perfect addition to our Lavender Sachet Bags.

Embroidered Lavender Sachet

Embroidered Lavender Sachet

Our 4-inch x 6-inch Cotton Embroidered Lavender Sachet Bags feature an embroidered lavender plant on the front.  They have a white satin ribbon drawstring, and are ideal for creating a lavender sachet with by-the-pound lavender buds.

Each of our Lavender Sachet Bags holds up to 1/4-cup of buds.

In addition to its vibrant color, lavender is cherished for its fragrance, its essential oils and culinary purposes.

One of the most popular growing areas is Provence, France, where colorful fields bring tourists throughout the summer growing season.

Lavender has traditionally been used to scent household linens and bath water.  Toss filled bags into dresser drawers, hang in closets, or give as gifts. There are so many uses for these sweet sachets.

And if you want lavender in bundles, we offer a French Lavender Bundle wrapped in kraft paper.  This bundle is 12-inches tall and weighs 15-ounces.  Lovely individual lavender flowers, grown in Provence, France.

The bundles are wrapped in kraft paper and tied with a strand of raffia.  So fragrant!

Display these bundles anywhere in your own special container, or separately by adding sprigs to your own decor.

Both Lavender Sachet Bags and Lavender Bundles are a fragrant addition to your wedding decorations.  They’re the perfect complement to our Natural Burlap, which is one of this season’s most popular wedding designs.

Natural burlap, lace ribbon and lavender – now that’s a combination!  Our natural burlap is available in ribbon, table runners, table covers and even bolts of burlap 25-yards long.

Natural jute table covers are available in round and rectangular shapes, in a variety of sizes.

Accent your burlap table with beautiful white lace ribbon and top it with stunning lavender flowers.  You can see all sorts of burlap ideas on our Pinterest page, and find each product on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Lavender Sachet Bags and Lavender Bundles are on sale now!