“Kissing Krystal” Mistletoe Ornament

White Mistletoe Ornament

White Mistletoe Ornament

Pucker up the kisser and get ready for some serious smoochin’ with our Mistletoe Ornament!  This Kissing Krystal Mistletoe Ornament looks great hanging in doorways and entryways, or displayed on your holiday tree, above your fireplace, on an ornament stand or as part of a wreath.

Measuring 5-inches x 5-inches, the jewel shaped acrylic faceted Kissing Krystal is topped with gold glittered mistletoe and white berries. With included hanging ribbon, overall height is 8-inches.  The mistletoe ornament also comes with a hang tag telling the mistletoe kissing tradition.  Makes a wonderful present!

This mistletoe ornament is also available with red berries.  Watch as the acrylic crystal catches the light, and sparkles and shines.

The use of mistletoe dates to antiquity.  Ancient cultures coveted it for its supposed supernatural powers.  And it’s long been considered an aphrodisiac and fertility herb, which no doubt lent itself to kissing traditions, noted in Norse history and throughout Europe, especially England.  Mistletoe is actually a parasite, growing on and taking nutrients from host trees.  So while host trees turn brown and lose their leaves in winter, the mistletoe remains green.  Different types of mistletoe can be found in Europe and North America.   Check out our Facebook page for another look at our Kissing Krystal mistletoe ornament.

Our mistletoe ornament matches up nicely with any of our natural birch battery operated candles.  Select tapers or pillars, with or without timers and remote controls.  Distressed texture in real wax makes these flameless candles an ideal accessory whether you’re going for the rustic look or holiday decor.  Like mistletoe, birch has long been associated with Spring, love and rebirth.  Here’s an example candle:

Happy holiday shopping, and remember you can mix and match ornaments, accessories, battery operated candles and more to get volume pricing and volume discounts.