Just In! New Luminara Candles

We’re always adding new styles of flameless, battery operated candles to our already large inventory, and these new Luminara Candles are sure to please.

You know Luminara Candles – the flameless candles with the dancing flame so realistic you’d swear it’s real.  Luminara Candles utilize an internal LED that shines upward through electromagnets, making the light flicker and dance like a live flame as it reaches the candle’s exposed wick.

Pictured is Luminara’s Tiger Print Flameless Candle.  Measuring 3.5-inches diameter x 5-inches tall, this unscented Luminara Candle is orange, ivory and black in color.

Luminara Flameless Candle With Tiger Print

Luminara Flameless Candle With Tiger Print

Other animal prints available include Chetta and Zebra prints – fun!

All three candles have a five-hour timer, are remote ready (sold separately) and run on two D batteries.

Luminara Damask Candles come in luxurious blue, with white Damask carvings and an amber LED glow – enchanting!

Damask features patterns that are often geometric or botanical in theme.  Though originating with fabric, the term has expanded to include the design incorporated on other items, including famed swords made of Damascus Steel.  Today, Damask is associated with luxury, and our Luminara Damask Candles are that and more.

And if you like paisley, we have carved Luminara Candles in caramel and ivory sure to please.

Or, take a look at Luminara Candles with embedded peppermints and sea shells around their bases.  These flameless candles are ivory in color, real wax, and come with five hour timers and optional remotes.  3.5-inches x 5-inches in size.

Luminara Candles come in a variety of colors and sizes to satisfy any decorating requirement.  Indoor and outdoor battery powered candles offered, including candle lanterns in many sizes and styles.  Luminara outdoor candles are weather resistant to withstand summer heat and winter cold.

Check out all the new Luminara Candles on the Battery Operated Candles website.