Household Emergency Kit: Think Battery Operated Candles Before Severe Weather Strikes

Do you have a Household Emergency Kit?  Before severe weather or other disasters occur, consider putting together a basic Household Emergency Kit, so you’re ready, not sorry!  For portable, on-demand lighting, battery operated candles are ideal.

Here in the Midwest, we’ve had our eyes to the sky in recent weeks.  Devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma and across the Great Plains, flooding, downed trees and power lines, have meant extended periods without electricity and basic services.

Crazy weather across the United States this past year:  Hurricane Isaac in NOLA and the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Sandy and Superstorm Sandy on the East Coast, blizzards from Seattle to Boston!

Here’s a link to help you get started with a Household Emergency Kit:

White Indoor/Outdoor Battery Operated Candle

White Indoor/Outdoor Battery Operated Candle

Flameless, battery operated candles are not only a useful addition to your home emergency supplies, they’re a safe alternative to candles with a live flame.  Flameless, battery operated candles are smoke, soot and wax-free, and provide on-demand lighting whenever, and wherever you need it.

For basic emergency use, consider economical flameless candles.  From small tea lights, to somewhat larger votives, to larger still pillars and tapers, we have flameless candles you can use to provide light throughout your home when the power goes off.

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