Hanging Patio Lights

Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Lantern With Crossbars

Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Lantern With Crossbars

It’s time to spruce up the patio, and hanging patio lights are a great place to start!

Battery operated, weather-resistant lighting makes installation and maintenance a snap.

Pictured is our Flameless Outdoor Lantern with crossbars and hinged doors.  This good looking, six-sided lantern comes complete with a battery operated, three-inch, melted-look pillar candle, installed and ready to turn on.  The flameless LED candle runs on three “AAA” batteries, and has a five hour timer for convenient on/off operation.

The lantern dimensions are 6.5-inches wide x 9-inches tall, with an overall height of 13-inches.

You can use this candle lantern indoors or outdoors, hanging or resting on a post or table.

Hanging patio lights, hung from shepherd’s hooks, tree limbs, arbors and pergolas turn an ordinary backyard patio into a glowing wonderland!

We have a wide selection of hanging patio lights to choose from, including many styles of flameless candle lanterns.

Or, decorate with colorful solar powered lanterns, made of weather-proof and wind-resistant nylon.

For a more traditional look, consider hanging votive candle holders.  Add flameless, battery operated votive candles to complete the design; hang or place on table tops.

Hanging Patio Lights are just a place to start when designing your ideal backyard paradise. Check out our Pinterest page to spark your creative juices.  Plenty of outdoor candle lanterns and other backyard decor featured!