Grape Vine Lights – LED String Lights

Grape Vines With Lighted LED's

Grape Vines With Lighted LED’s

Distinctive Natural Grape Vine Lights make a great indoor and outdoor decoration.

Here are battery-powered LED string lights inserted into sphere-shaped Grape Vines.  You’ll receive a set of five 6-inch diameter spheres, arranged on a light strand 8-feet long,with 24-inch spacing between the spheres.  There is a 24-inch lead to the battery pack (3 AA batteries).

A nice touch is a timer feature – the Grape Vine Lights will come on at the same time each day and run for six hours.

Use these Natural Grape Vine Lights to enhance flower gardens, or hang from pergolas, trellis, arbors and tree branches.  Perfect mood lighting for backyard parties and celebrations!  Since they’re battery operated, they’re hassle-free and go anywhere.

LED’s – light emitting diodes – are cost efficient and long-life.  Small LED’s that produce bright light are ideal for string lights and where bulb replacement is time-consuming and costly.  Similarly, LED’s are an ideal light source in battery operated candles, where inserting them into the candle body assures long life with no maintenance.

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