Gel Beads For Vases Add Color To Any Display

Water Gel Beads For Vases

Water Gel Beads For Vases

Gel beads that expand in water add instant color to any arrangement.  Our gel beads for vases come in a rainbow of colors – 12 colors to display solo or in combinations.

Long used in the floral industry, water gel beads have found their way into home decor.  You’ll discover myriad uses, from colorful decorations in vases and floral arrangements, to functional use when placed in potting soil for slow release of moisture.

The secret is a special polymer that absorbs, and holds, water far beyond each individual bead’s size and weight.  If left alone, the beads slowly lose their moisture and dry out; they are reusable for a lifetime of applications.

We offer gel beads for vases in black, blue, pink, green, orange, purple, red, teal, white, yellow, peach and clear colors.  Purchase small pouches or bulk bags of gel beads, depending on your project.

Less expensive than stones or glass marbles, attractive water gel beads add color to clear glass vases, whether you top the vase with flowers or one of our battery operated tea lights.  You can use one color, or layer several colors for a distinctive look.

Water gel beads are an economical way to add some zing to table centerpieces when you’ve got a lot of tables to decorate.  They’re a wedding planner’s secret that you can use, too!