Football Door Decorations With Deco Poly Mesh

Deco Poly Mesh Weatherproof Fabric

Deco Poly Mesh Weatherproof Fabric

It’s football season and we’ve got the perfect material for creating football door decorations:  Deco Poly Mesh.

Football door decorations made of Deco Poly Mesh can be used inside and outside, thanks to Deco Mesh’s durable, reusable, weatherproof fabric.

Deco Poly Mesh comes in a rainbow of colors.  Select metallic or non-metallic, solid colors or delightful color combinations in plaids and stripes.  You’re sure to find your team’s colors.

You can choose from fabric rolls measuring 21-inches wide x 30-feet long, or rolls of ribbon 2.5-inches and 4-inches in width, various lengths.

Deco Flex tubing adds additional accents.

When creating your football door decorations, a good place to start is with a Deco Mesh work form.  These wire wreaths and other shapes come with convenient wire ties, to make attaching any Deco Poly Mesh fabric and ribbon a snap.

If you choose a work form with supplied lights, you’ve got a fantastic decoration that’s beautiful by day and stunning at night.  Our battery operated work form is 12-inches in diameter and features 32 warm white LED’s.  You can easily hide the battery pack in the wreath, and it even has a six-hour timer for convenient operation.

After you’ve created your football door decorations with Deco Poly Mesh, you can embellish them with team accessories, like mini-footballs and helmets, game day programs, ticket stubs, school banners and logos – the ideas are only limited to the memorabilia you have on hand.

Make Deco Poly Mesh football door decorations for your own home, or get together with friends and make a bunch of football door decorations to be used as charity fund raisers.  These decorations are economical and easy to make, and can bring very good prices at silent and live auctions.

Watch a video tutorial on how to make a Deco Poly Mesh wreath on the Deco Poly Mesh page of the Battery Operated Candles website.  It’s fun and easy!