Flameless Wax Candles – Carved And Embossed

Carved and embossed flameless wax candles add a bit of style to household decor.  We offer a variety of these battery operated candles, sure to complement centerpieces and other arrangements throughout your home.

Candle Impressions Carved Hurricane Flameless Candle

Candle Impressions Carved Hurricane Flameless Candle

In our line from Candle Impressions – the flameless candle with the distinctive black wick – are both carved and embossed flameless wax candles.

Pictured here is a set of two Striped Hurricane Candles.  These hurricanes are 3.5-inches in diameter and 4-inches tall.  They tout a distinctive carved, golden-yellow stripe on their outer wax shell.

The battery operated candles feature a five-hour timer with on/off and auto shut off. Melon scent.  The flameless LED wick flickers just like a real candle… and you won’t have to worry about a breeze – hurricane strength or less – blowing it out!

Carved Hurricanes in white, with a vanilla scent also available.

Candle Impressions also offers a colorfully carved maple leaf pillar candle, in red or orange, unscented.

Embossed flameless candles in diamond and spiral designs, in white, champagne and pink colors will fit into any decor.  These rounded pillars come in vanilla and mixed berry scents.

Take a look at all of Candle Impressions’ battery operated candles.  You’ll appreciate their wax construction, internal LED with flickering wick… and convenient features like timers and remote controls for flameless, worry-free operation.