Flameless Candles For Kids And Seniors

Not surprisingly, the two groups most at risk for candle accidents are children and seniors (and we could add pets, too!).  Consider battery operated, flameless candles for kids and seniors – they’re smoke, wax and flame-free!

Flameless candles double as night lights, and added features like timers and remote controls allow ease of use.  Place battery operated candles throughout a home, set the timer, and there’s always a glowing, reassuring light whether the electricity is on or off.

Flameless, Color Changing Peace Sign Candle

Flameless, Color Changing Peace Sign Candle

Everyone should consider the health risks of candles with live flames, and this is particularly true of people with breathing issues.  Smoke and soot can be an irritant, and in some cases a significant health risk.

For the kids, pictured is our Flameless, Color Changing Peace Sign Candle.  A fun addition to your child’s room, these battery operated candles feature a color changing LED in seven colors.  They’re made of carved wax, available in white-blue and white-green shells.  Unscented.

You’ll find plenty of flameless candles that kids and seniors will love on the Battery Operated Candles website.  A good place to start is the Clearance Sale page, where you’ll find savings on out-of-season items – like our adorable Wax Snow Family Candles – as well as fantastic savings on inventory clearance items.