Flameless, Battery Powered Rustic Pillar Candles

Rustic Style Flameless Candle

Rustic Style Flameless Candle

What could be a better combination – Rustic Pillar Candles that are flameless and battery operated.

From Candle Impressions, we offer four different solid colors of Rustic Pillar Candles:  Burgundy, Honey, Sage and Ivory.

Also in the Rustic line are layered candles in green, red and honey.

All feature the distinctive black wick that flameless, battery operated candles by Candle Impressions are known for.  You’ll love the flicker and glow from their LED light source.

These Rustic Pillar Candles come in 3-inch diameters, and 4- and 6-inch heights.

The candles are made of real wax, all with the distressed, rustic look:  earthy, Old World, rough textured surface.

All feature a programmable timer, as well as easy On/Off.  Two AA batteries required.

Candle Impressions Rustic Pillar Candles come in scents that match their colors:

Burgundy – Pomegranate Fig; Sage – Citrus Sage; Honey – Cinnamon Chai; Ivory – Vanilla.

Position Rustic Pillar Candles as stand-alone decor, or put them in a candle holder or candelabra.  They fit any decor, are a lovely complement to other distressed furniture.

Candle Impressions has been providing safe, flameless candles since 2003.  Featuring the patented black wick design and real wax, these candles tout longer battery life than competitors.

We are pleased to offer Candle Impressions candles in a variety of styles.  You can choose from scented and unscented, and in colors to fit any decor.  From basic, such as smooth, white flameless candles, to more stylish candles like our  lovely carved hurricanes in a number of colors and carved designs, Candle Impressions flameless, battery operated candles are sure to please.

And a good place to start is with Rustic Pillar Candles!