Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

Battery Operated Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

Battery Operated Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

Get the party started with spectacular fiber optic lighting!

Pictured is our Fiber Optic Lighting Kit, a battery operated light that runs on two AA batteries.

This Flora Lite Fiber Optic Lighting Kit is perfect for centerpieces, wedding arrangements, bridal bouquets and other floral applications.

It features 50 fibers and is 12-inches long, with a 3/4-inch diameter base.

You’ll be amazed at the brilliant light these tiny fiber optics add to any decor.  You can cut to any length, and, if you scrape the sides of the fibers, light shines where you scrape – a really neat effect.

Also available is a Multi-Color Changing Fiber Optic Light Up Decoration.  This battery operated (2 AA batteries) fiber optic light comes complete with its own base.  13-inch total height.

And we’re not done yet!  To round out our fiber optic lighting, we offer a pink, battery powered fiber optic light with 10-inch height and dazzling 12-inch width, as well as a battery operated White Crystal Fiber Optic Light.

The White Crystal Fiber Optic Light features clear crystal rocks in the base and white LED lights for the fiber optics. The lower portion of the base is black, which in low light makes the upper portion seem to be floating in mid air.  Mesmerizing!

This light runs on 3 AAA batteries.  It’s 13-inches tall and 18-inches wide.  At the base, 3-inches diameter and 3.25-inches tall.

Our Fiber Optic Lighting Kit is part of our selection of Event Lights and Floral Lights.  In addition to flameless tea lights in numerous styles, lighted floral branches and string lights, we have all sorts of specialty lights – probably quite a few you’ve never seen:

Lights like floral spotlights… base lights in various shapes and arrangement of light bulbs…  even an illuminated display pedestal.  View them all on the Battery Operated Candles website.