Feather Trees For Home and Events

Luxurious Feather Trees are one of the most unique decorations you’ll find, for your home or special event.  Picture feather trees with their soft, supple feathers gently blowing in the breeze from air conditioning or heating units, or, from a fan placed at the base of the tree.

7-Foot Feather Tree

7-Foot Feather Tree

From eye-catching 7-foot tall feather trees, to table-top models, we have the styles and colors to fit your decor.

Pictured is one of our 7-foot tall Feather Trees, and yes it really is pink!   This is the feather tree featured in several national magazines – it’s handcrafted for a beautiful and lasting impression.

Set up is easy.  The lightweight tree has a collapsible stand, and tiered pieces.  The bottom of the tree measures 26-inches wide and the base of the stgand is 16-inches in diameter.

These feather trees are also available in white, chocolate, apple, green and black colors.

Table top feather trees come in 27 and 36-inch heights.  You can choose from a variety of colors and feather styles.

After you’ve selected your feather tree, next up is adding a little extra decoration.

Why not add some of our easy-to-use battery string lights, or perhaps a battery operated garland.  You can easily back-light these feather trees using some of our portable floral and event lights.

Feather Trees are a charming change of pace for Christmas and other holiday trees, and they are the ultimate decoration for Sweet Sixteen parties, high school dances, wedding receptions and anniversaries, not to mention charity events.

A pink feather tree is not only a beautiful symbol for cancer awareness, one large tree or a number of table top trees start out the evening as decorations and can end up as fantastic auction items.

You’ll find all our feather trees listed on the Battery Operated Candles website in the Wedding and Events category.