Electric Pillar Candles For Holiday Decor

Electric Pillar Candles

Electric Pillar Candles

Looking for Electric Pillar Candles to complete your holiday decorating?  In addition to our extensive lines of flameless, battery operated candles, we are pleased to offer Electric Pillar Candles, which provide the convenience of a group of candles on one easy plug-in cord.

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve put this gorgeous red mercury glass group of Electric Pillar Candles on sale.  It’s a five-piece set of electric pillar candles, red mercury glass with solid white bulb.  Perfect for mantels, table centerpieces, bookshelves and more.  The five candles are 3-inches in diameter and stagger in height from 6-inches to 7-inches tall.  These Electric Pillar Candles are so convenient – the overall length is 78-inches with the lighted area 40-inches.  A power switch is located before the first candle. Each uses a standard 5w bulb (Included) which glows bright white.  Candles are unscented.

Another popular choice is our Seven-Piece Electric Pillar Beaded Resin Candle Set, with solid white bulb.  These candles are 2-inches in diameter, and stagger in height from 4-inches to 5-inches tall.  Stretched length of cord is 86-inches and lighted length 51-inches.  Power switch is located before the first candle.  Just plug the cord in, and enjoy the delightful ambiance.

A truly unique item is our Stony Creek Lighted Crackle Glass Jar.  Measuring 12-inches tall and 3-inches in diameter, this electric lighted glass jar comes to life with evergreens and pinecones, delightfully illuminated by the warm white lights inside.  A 63-inch lead wire allows easy set-up and plug-in.  New for 2013 from Stony Creek.

Also in the unique category is our set of three clear gel pillar candles.  These electric pillar candles measure 11-inches tall and 4-inches in diameter, with 7-inch spacing between each candle.  Just plug them in, and enjoy the mesmerizing look of glitter swirling in the gel.  There is a 44-inch electric wire lead to first pillar, and a toggle switch 15-inches from the plug.

Be sure to check the Battery Operated Candles website under Electric Pillar Candles for great deals all during the holiday season!