Dripping Wax Candles – Who Knew A Flameless Candle Could Look This Real!

If you’ve ever wondered what a flameless, battery operated candle is made of, the answer is:  wax, plastic or resin.  Depending on the candle size and application – indoor or outdoor – each material has its specific advantage.  And when it comes to dripping wax candles, even one that’s battery operated, wax is the material of choice.

Heavy Drip Flameless Wax Candle
Heavy Drip Flameless Wax Candle

For example, take a look at this ivory and tan colored Heavy Drip Flameless Candle.  Made from real wax, the candle features super-heavy drips also made from real wax.  Looks just like a real candle, but that’s where the similarity ends:  no wax mess at the bottom of the candle, and, this battery operated candle won’t melt away!

You can choose several sizes of these heavy drip candles, solo or groups,  to make an attractive arrangement.  They’re offered in widths of 3, 4 and 6-inches, and in heights of 4, 6, 8 and (impressive!) 10-inches.

This candle has a honeysuckle scent.

A 4, 6 and 8 hour timer provides flexibility, or, simply use the on/off switch.

And, for the ultimate in ease-of-use, our Heavy Drip Flameless Candle also comes with a remote (sold separately, optional).

Pull one of our Heavy Drip Flameless Candles out of their package, and you’ve got a candle that instantly looks like it’s been burning for hours!  Its LED flickers just light a real candle.