Decorative String Lighting For College Rooms

Battery Powered Mirror Ball String Lights

Battery Powered Mirror Ball String Lights

Decorative string lighting is a fast and easy way to turn drab college dorm rooms into party central.

Observant parents know those first few days at college, with a new roommate and making new friends can be difficult and stressful.  Most college freshmen are in the same boat – and when wandering down dorm halls are likely to go into rooms that look warm and inviting – and that’s where decorative string lighting comes in.

Select battery powered strings (won’t hog already overtaxed outlets) or electric string lights – the choice is yours.

A great place to start is with our LED Mirror Disco Ball Decorative String Lighting.  With ten mirror balls spaced over its 9-foot length, you can hang these string lights from wall-to-wall.  Turn off the lights and watch the LED’s sparkle!  Runs on 3 AA batteries.

Disco Mirror Ball Decorative String Lighting come with a 6-hour timer, and easy on/off.  They have a 24-inch lead wire to the battery pack.

Multi-color globe party lantern  LED string lights are bright and festive.  Ten lanterns spaced on an 18.5-foot wire.  Electric plug in.

Or go with basic white LED’s, battery operated, 100 bright white LED’s on a 35-foot wire.

By using decorative string lighting – and why not pair with our safe, flameless, battery operated candles? –  you can add warmth and fun to any college room.  Your sons and daughters will thank you!