Decorative Candle Lanterns For Indoor And Outdoor Use

Devonshire Metal And Glass Lantern

Devonshire Metal And Glass Lantern

Flameless, battery operated candles and Decorative Candle Lanterns are made for each other!

Since there is no live flame and no smoke with a battery operated candle, you can happily place one of our Decorative Candle Lanterns inside your home without the worry of smoke or soot build up, or dripping wax.

Select from metal, wood and glass lanterns, in a variety of shapes and sizes.  When paired with our battery operated candles, you have a pleasing centerpiece decoration, a welcoming beacon on your front porch, or a festive lighted lantern hanging from a tree limb in your back yard.

An example is our Devonshire Metal and Glass Decorative Candle Lantern.  It features intricate attention to detail, with both clear and beveled glass windows, and weathered metal construction.  A hinged door opens to insert a battery operated tea light or votive size flameless candle.  The lantern measures 6-inches wide x 9-inches high, perfect for table centerpieces and stand-alone decorations.  You’ll appreciate the attention to detail with this lantern.

The Devonshire Decorative Candle Lantern is part of our series of architectural lanterns inspired by Old World designs.  We offer Decorative Candle Lanterns in sets, and in sizes and prices to fit any budget.  Ideal for home decor, wedding receptions and that special event!