Decorative Butterflies Have Wings That Move!

Butterfly With Wings That Move

Butterfly With Wings That Move

Here’s a fun and creative way to top off centerpieces and floral arrangements: electric and battery powered decorative butterflies with wings that actually move.

Pictured is our animated Blue Morpho Butterfly.  Its wings slowly move, thanks to special Flexinol Actuator Wires, made of a special alloy that changes shape when voltage is applied.  No motor required.

Our Blue Morpho Decorative Butterfly is one of a range of butterflies. You can see them all on the Battery Operated Candles website:  Monarchs, Red Sangaris, Dogface, Swallowtail, Green and Yellow Birdwing, American Painted Lady, Urania, White and Violet Morpho.

Each butterfly features beautiful iridescent metallic wings; attention to detail reveals rich natural colors and intricate detail on the wing’s underside.

All Decorative Butterflies come with an AC adapter.  A battery pack – perfect for centerpieces and floral arrangements when AC power is not convenient – is sold separately.

You can attach these butterflies to anything. They’re the perfect accessory for weddings and parties.  Put them on plants, furniture, windows, indoor and outdoor.

As with all our items, volume pricing applies when you purchase two or more Decorative Butterflies.  You’ll always get a great deal on our DIY wedding supplies, from battery operated candles to natural burlap fabric!