Decorating With Mesh Ribbon

Deco Poly Mesh Gold-Emerald-Red-Lime

Deco Poly Mesh Gold-Emerald-Red-Lime

Decorating with mesh ribbon is fun and easy.  Whether you’re making something from scratch, or using an easy-to-follow form, the hardest part can be choosing your material and color!

Fortunately, we offer everything you need for decorating with mesh ribbon, from natural materials to artificial mesh fabric.

For worry-free outdoor decor, take a look at Deco Poly Mesh.  This incredibly versatile mesh fabric is weather and water-proof, so you can use it for outdoor (and indoor!) applications.  There are quite a few artificial mesh fabrics on the market, but there is only one Deco Poly Mesh:  This reusable material is pre-stretched to hold its shape, has fused ends for looks and durability, and its mesh pattern is the most consistent you’ll find.

Deco Poly Mesh is offered in a many colorful mesh patterns, solid and prints.  You can select rolls  21-inches wide and ribbon in 2.5 and 4-inch widths.

Use a form to make garlands and wreaths (see our instructional videos), or simply lay Deco Poly Mesh flat on tabletops.  Use Deco Poly Mesh to wrap wine bottles and vases, and to enhance floral arrangements.

If you prefer decorating with mesh ribbon that’s all-natural, take a look at our wide selection of natural jute and burlap material.  From natural burlap in brown and beige ribbons, table runners, table covers and entire bolts of fabric, we have the width and length of burlap you need.

You can decorate with burlap ribbon in colors and our multi-color jute ribbon is bright and cheery.  Burlap is very popular this year, and we have color and size to fit your design.

Whether you’re decorating with mesh ribbon for your own home, or you’re a wedding and event planner with an entire church or reception hall to decorate, we can help you accomplish your goals tastefully and economically.

You’ll find Deco Poly Mesh and Burlap and Ribbon on the website in the Wedding and Event category.