Crystal Beaded Curtains Create Custom Backdrops

Bendable Beaded Crystal Curtain

Bendable Beaded Crystal Curtain

Innovative event planners use curtains to create just the right effect behind wedding cakes,  anniversary and birthday displays, and head tables.  Crystal Beaded Curtains come in a variety of colors and shapes, to provide a never ending array of possibilities.

Start with our Bendable Crystal Curtain.  Its rod system is a flexible piece of metal, so you can bend it in any shape your display area requires.

The curtain features crystal iridescent diamond cut beads.  It’s 9-feet long and 3-feet wide.  Perfect for wrapping around columns, and shaping arched doorways.

And our crystal beaded curtains don’t end there!  We have Crystal Iridescent Diamond Cut Curtains measuring 3-feet x 6-feet, 3-feet x 9-feet, 3-feet x 12-feet and a whopping 3-feet x 20-feet!  Each of these curtains feature strands of beads attached to a white rod, which can be easily attached to a wall or hung in doorways and windows.  The beads are 12-mm  in width.  The entire curtain can be easily cut to fit the desired area.

If you want curtains with lights built in, our LED curtains are what you’re looking for.  For example, our 3-feet x 6-feet curtain features 144 white LED’s to delight your guests.  These electric plug-in lights come with an AC power adapter for easy operation.  The LED bulbs last thousands of hours, and emit little heat.

Combine curtains with LED’s with our Crystal Beaded Curtains to create a stunning, dazzling effect!

We even have Organza curtains with white, and warm white, LED’s placed inside.  So versatile – offered in various styles, you can install these curtains vertically or horizontally.  Drape and frame around windows, and even use them as spectacular table runners.  Electric plug-in.

Crystal Beaded Curtains are part of our collection of event and wedding supplies.  We offer plenty of lighting choices, from battery operated candles to many types of creative lighting.