Crafters Love Deco Poly Mesh!

Deco Poly Mesh Two-Tone Yellow-Gold

Deco Poly Mesh Two-Tone Yellow-Gold

Release your inner crafter with amazing Deco Poly Mesh!  This amazing mesh fabric is ideal for countless creations, including wreaths and other shapes, floral arrangements, table decorations, and more.

The material in Deco Poly Mesh is also known as Synthetic Sinamay Mesh, Geo Mesh, Floral Wrap and Decorating Mesh.  But that’s where the similarity ends:  Deco Poly Mesh is manufactured with attention to detail, meaning its edges are sealed to keep it from fraying, and the mesh squares are uniform.  The material is pre-stretched in the manufacturing process, so it will keep its shape.  And, its composition allows the mesh to slide easily against itself (which is not the case with all synthetic mesh materials), making it easy to work with.

Deco Poly Mesh is durable, reusable and waterproof, so you can use it indoors and outdoors.

Available in a wide range of beautiful colors and widths, only your imagination will hold you back!  Select Deco Poly Mesh fabric in solid or metallic styles – 21-inch and 10-inch widths; and ribbon 2-1/2-inches wide.

Start a project such as a colorful wreath by using a Deco Mesh “Work Form”.  These frames are the ideal base for wrapping and tying Deco Poly Mesh.  You can add layer after layer of colorful fabric and ribbons, and even add string lights, flowers and other decorations to the finished piece!

Floral designers, wedding and event planners know the versatility of Deco Poly Mesh.  You can use it to decorate your own home, and as a creative gift wrap.  It’s the ultimate party decorating material!