Color Changing LED Candles

Color Changing LED Flameless Candles

Color Changing LED Flameless Candles

Start off with basic white, then watch as these Color Changing LED Candles work their way through 16 colors!

Color Changing LED Candles are a fun addition to dorm rooms, children’s rooms (make fun night lights), bar areas, decks, boat docks and restaurant tables.

These are made of real wax, with a melted edge look, so if you use them outside, be sure to bring them in after use.

Sold in a set of three, these flameless candles measure 3-inches in diameter and are 4-, 5- and 6-inches tall.

Convenient features!  A timer function allows 4 or 8 hour operation.  And, the multi-function remote control allows easy operation no matter where you place the candles.  The remote  (about 20-foot range) has buttons for all 16 colors, allows flicker or steady flame.

If you go to the Battery Operated Candles website, and in the search box located on the website, type “color changing candles”, you’ll discover an array of color changing LED candles.

From LED tea lights to pillars, we have flameless candles that display one color, or cycle through a rainbow.  Lots of holiday decorations from a cute snow man to Halloween decorations like ghosts, skulls and even a gruesome green hand holding a color changing ball – check it out!

A really unique item is our Super Bright 3 LED Color Changing Waterproof Tea Light.  Its  bold colors shine bright, even under water.  Place them in clear vases with floral arrangements, to brighten table settings, in our glass votive holders, or among water gel beads.  These submersible tea lights are designed to sink to the bottom of the container, and stay in place.

In operation, each LED cycles through its colors.  Supplied in sets of 10 tea lights.  These tea lights use replaceable CR2032 batteries, always available from us.

Color Changing LED Candles – colorful and fun!