Battery Operated Candles Coupon

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Warm White Pewter Flameless Window Candle

Warm White Pewter Flameless Window Candle

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Battery operated, flameless, window candles are a popular item for both gift giving and for display in your own home.  We’ve put together an extensive collection from several manufacturers to give you choices galore.  And, you can mix and match styles of candles to get quantity and volume discounts, before you apply Battery Operated Candles Coupon Code BL8A5X at check out for your additional 10% savings!

Flameless, battery operated window candles are offered in single and three tier arrangements.  You can choose window candles with automatic dusk-to-dawn photo sensor operation, or candles with timer features you can set yourself.  LED light sources mean safe, flameless operation, so our window candles are safe around drapes and curtains, and are kid and pet safe.  No live flame, so no smoke, no soot, no wax drip.

Pictured is our Three Tier Pewter Finish Dusk-To-Dawn flameless window candle.  Its two outer candles measure 9.50-inches tall and the center candle is 10.25-inches.  The pewter finish (also available in antique gold and aged bronze) base is 9-inches wide x 2-inches deep.  Located on the center candle is both a dusk-to-dawn photo sensor, and a slide switch which you can set for flicker or steady-on LED light.  You’ll appreciate the realistic flicker and warm white LED flame.   The candle runs on 3 D batteries.  A window sill mounting clip is included.

Also now available are battery operated window candles from Luminara, featuring Luminara’s patented flame effect technology.  Electromagnets affect the internal LED light as it shines upward to the exposed wick, making the flame dance and weave just like a real flame.

And, our Ultra Bright Window Candles are the brightest windlow candle yet.  Featuring two LED’s, both with two light intensities:  One end of the LED is Super Bright to provide street-side brightness, while the other end puts out a softer glow for interior ambiance.  These unique window candles come in three types of holders:  Williamsburg, Window Bracket and Adjustable.

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LED Christmas Decorations Light Up Your Holidays

Lighted LED Santa Canvas Art

Lighted LED Santa Canvas Art

Nothing lights up your holidays like LED Christmas decorations.  From LED outdoor lighting, to LED battery operated candles, to whimsical Christmas displays, we have a wide selection of LED Christmas decorations for you to choose from.

Pictured is an example of our Lighted Canvas Art.  Enjoy the fusion of a real canvas print, stretched and mounted on a wood frame, and tiny LED lights mounted into the print – the result is a charming picture in itself, and a twinkling display with the LED’s turned on.  Our Lighted Santa features about 150 to 200 twinkling lights (watch the video on the Battery Operated Candles website).  The print measures 20-inches x 20-inches, and has two triangular hangers attached to the frame for easy hanging in your home or office.  Turn on the lights and watch them twinkle all around Santa!  3 AA batteries required, sold separately.  Artist:  Liz Goodrick-Dillon.

Other Lighted Canvas Art with Santa theme include Santa walking in the Forest, and Santa Surrounded By Puppies, all with twinkling LED lights.

If you’re looking for LED Christmas decorations for your windows, look no further than our battery operated window candles.  We’ve added Luminara and Ultra Bright window candles to our large selection of Carlon Dusk To Dawn LED Flameless Candles.  Our Luminara window candles feature the same flame effect you’ll find in all Luminara candles, a flicker and glow so realistic you’ll think it’s alive.  And, our Ultra Bright window candles tout street-side brightness, thanks to high intensity LED lights that shine bright out the window, and glow soft and warm inside, all from one LED window candle.

Combine a single LED window candle with one of our many wreaths or garlands.

And we’ve got LED string lights in a various lengths, electric and battery operated, to fit any decorating scheme, inside or outside.

LED Christmas decorations are an easy, efficient way to light up your holidays – happy holidays and happy shopping!








Luminara Battery Candles Dance And Flicker

Luminara battery candles dance and flicker just like a live flame, thanks to their patented flame effect technology.  Luminara battery candles utilize a unique lighting system that creates a “dancing flame” so real you’ll swear it’s alive!  This is accomplished with an internal LED light source, which shines upward to the wick through electromagnets.  The electromagnets cause the light (flame) to dance and flicker.

Our selection of Luminara battery candles includes pillars and candle lanterns.  Choose from indoor flameless, battery operated candles made of real wax, or outdoor flameless candles made of plastic, to resist heat, cold, wind and rain.

Luminara Battery Operated Candle

Luminara Battery Operated Candle

Scented candles – such as sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon, sea breeze, floral spice, forest and more – or unscented candles come in combinations with and without timers and even remote control.

Here’s our Luminara flameless candle in ivory color and floral spice scent.  Measuring 4-inches in diameter x 5-inches tall, this candle features a handy remote control and five-hour timer.

The candle has about  240 hours of run time on 2 “D” batteries.

These remote control candles also come in 7- and 9-inch heights.

Luminara battery candles made for indoor use – real wax – come in lush, distinctive colors.  All come with 5-hour timer, and offer the convenience of an optional remote control.  Choose from colors like burgundy, sage, sky blue, pink, green, dark brown, blue, lavender, ivory.  Scented and unscented.

And if you’re looking for candle lanterns, Luminara battery candles – plastic outdoor type – come installed in your choice of size and style candle lanterns.

Place Luminara candle lanterns on decks and porches, or use their attached hanger to hang in trees and hooks.  Metal construction and plastic outdoor candle add up to hours of trouble-free use.  Luminara candle lanterns look great indoors, too.

Luminara battery candles – the flameless candle with the dancing flame!

Tea Light Votives – All In One Candle And Holder Sets

Flameless, battery operated Tea Light Votives are an easy way to get candles and holders, all in one matching package.

Tea Light Votives Set

Tea Light Votives Set

Here’s one of our sets of Tea Light Votives:  six white, battery operated LED tea lights, plus six solid, lightly-frosted glass votive holders.  Measuring 2-inches in diameter and 2.5-inches tall, the tea lights and votive holders nicely complement each other.  The tea light’s amber flicker and glow looks charming through the frosted glass votive holder.

Each tea light uses a CR2032 replaceable battery (always available from us).

Larger in size are our Frosted Green Tea Light and Votive Holders.  Measuring 2.5-inches in diameter and 5-inches tall, this set of Tea Light Votives – three amber tea lights, three frosted glass votives – features larger tea lights with longer run times (2 AA batteries required).  You’ll love the green color, and the way the real, frosted glass diffuses the light.

This set of Tea Light Votives is also available with red frosted glass.

For those needing larger quantities, we also have clear frosted glass votives, measuring 2-inches in diameter and 5-inches tall.  Sold in sets of 12, you get both the votive holder and a dozen matching 3-inch tea lights.  These flameless, battery operated tea lights feature an amber, flickering flame and run on 3 AAA batteries.

Of course, you can always order votive candle holders and tea light and votive size flameless candles separately.

Tea lights are the smallest size – typically around 2-inches in size – while votives are the next size up – larger in diameter and height.  Both types of flameless candles are available with amber or different color LED’s, with or without remote controls, floating and submersible styles.

Our votive holders range in size and style to fit any decor.  For placement on tables, hanging from shepherd’s hooks and trees, and in glass, metal and even burlap materials, you’re sure to find the right votive for you.


Crystal Wedding Trees

Crystal Wedding Tree

Crystal Wedding Tree

Crystal Wedding Trees are the ultimate centerpiece for wedding receptions and anniversaries.  And, depending on their size, Crystal Wedding Trees become ideal decorative pieces for reception entryways, photo backdrops, dance floors, cake tables, buffets and more.

Our beaded Crystal Wedding Trees are constructed with heavy duty steel frames and then covered with crystal beads and pendants, which hang from the branches.

The tree at left is 24-inches tall.  It comes assembled and ready to use.  This tree is perfect for tabletop use…  check out the adjustable tree – up to 8-foot height – for placement anywhere!

Adjustable Crystal Wedding Trees come in 4-, 6- and 8-foot adjustable heights. The beaded crystal tree top (36-inches wide!), with hanging acrylic pendants, comes with three poles to adjust the height.  Stand is included- 13-inches diameter x 1.75-inches tall.  Fully assembled, ready to use.

With 35 bendable branches, this crystal tree provides flexibility in decorating tabletops, dance floors, windows,  entryways  – anywhere you want to add a little pizzazz.  You can even hang this wedding tree upside down!

Lighted Crystal Wedding Trees are absolutely stunning.  Ours is 24-inches high, and comes with 60 warm white LED bulbs. Battery operated – 9 AA size.  The lighting wire for the LED’s is silver, so hides naturally in the tree, which is constructed on a heavy duty steel frame.

If you want a mini lighted crystal wedding tree, we’ve got that too.  31-inches tall with 12 branches and 48 warm white LED’s.  The battery pack is located at the base of the tree, which has a small 5.5-inch footprint.

For an added touch, embellish any of our Crystal Wedding Trees with crystal and silver garlands and hanging pendants.

Want Great Deals? Visit Battery Operated Candles Clearance Sale!

Battery Operated Candles Sale Page

Battery Operated Candles Sale Page

Deals galore can be found on the Battery Operated Candles Clearance Sale Page!

Battery operated candles, Christmas and other holiday items, do-it-yourself wedding and party supplies – they’re all here, and at prices you have to see to believe.

Graduation parties are right now, and we’re offering great deals on LED Party Lanterns in green, red, orange and blue.

Planning a wedding?  Silk Flower Pomander Balls in a rainbow of colors look wonderful on ends of pews and as table and chair decorations.

Lighted floral branches and selected LED trees are on sale now!

And of course, there are plenty of flameless, battery operated candles to choose from.

As new stock comes in, we add items to our Clearance Sale page.  Some of these items are one-of-a-kind, and when they are gone, they’re gone – so don’t delay.  And, bookmark this page and check back regularly to see what’s been added!

As always, volume pricing applies, so you’ll save even more.



Submersible Tea Lights Are Flameless And Waterproof

Event and party planners love our Acolyte submersible tea lights!

These battery operated, flameless LED candles are perfect for water displays.  The tea light housing is waterproof and designed to sink to the bottom of the container, where they’ll stay put without floating or drifting.

Submersible tea lights come in a rainbow of colors:  pink, green, blue, red, purple, teal, amber, orange … white… and even color changing LED.  They come in boxes of ten tea lights, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Submersible Tea Light

Submersible Tea Light

Tea lights are small!  Our submersible tea lights measure about 1-inch high and a little over 1-inch in diameter.  They run on two replaceable button batteries (included), and additional batteries are readily available.  LED life is over 60,000 hours for a lifetime of use.

Waterproof, submersible tea lights are so versatile they find their way into floral arrangements, water-filled vases, indoor and outdoor water displays, centerpieces.  Combine them with our colorful water gel beads for a memorable effect!

We sell our battery operated tea light candles in bulk, which makes them the perfect choice for wedding and event planners.  You can save as much as 15 percent on your order when purchasing 24 or more items.

Color Changing LED Pyramid

Color Changing LED Pyramid

Color Changing LED Pyramid

Just for fun, here’s a color changing LED pyramid that’s an instant attention-getter!

Made of opaque white plastic, the pyramid measures 19-inches high and 10-1/2-inches wide at the base.

It features 16 solid colors, with special effects such as:  strobe, flash, fade and smooth.  An easy-to-use remote lets you change colors and effects with ease.  A brightness control has two settings.

Take the indoor/outdoor pyramid wherever the party is!  You can even drop it in the pool.  Looks great as a bar decoration, or in the garden.  A nice touch at special events, even wedding receptions.

The color changing LED pyramid is currently on sale, and is part of a larger selection of color changing LED shapes you can watch on video.

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