When The Lights Go Out: Battery Powered Tea Lights To The Rescue

Battery Powered Tea Lights

Battery Powered Tea Lights

Did you know battery powered tea lights are a great back-up lighting system when your lights go out?

From time to time, customers tell us how they use our battery operated candles, and quite a few mention using small, inexpensive tea lights as the perfect alternative light source.

When you lose power, are you left scurrying around, looking for real candles (dangerous!) to light throughout your home?  Or do you wind up carrying a flashlight with you from room to room?  If there aren’t enough flashlights to go around, it’s a tug of war to see who gets one next.  Been there, done that!

Our flameless, battery powered tea lights provide cheerful lighting, when grouped together for reading, or when placed in singles to light the way inside your home.

No dangerous flames and no smoke.  If you have children and pets, that’s reason enough.  Battery powered tea lights provide a continuous, reassuring glow… when it’s scary and stormy outside, flameless tea lights help keep things rosey inside.

You can purchase battery powered tea lights in economical sets.  For example, these Candle Impressions LED tea lights come in a set of ten. Their brightly burning LED creates an amber glow.  Small 1.5-inch diameter and 1.75-inches tall; each comes with a battery that lasts about 60 hours.





Why Switch to Flameless Candles?

There are a multitude of benefits of using flameless candles over traditional candles. Safety, of course, is the most obvious reason, but there are other benefits as well! Flameless candles are now available for all different tastes, styles, and budgets. New flameless candle designs look and feel so much like traditional candles that you have to get quite close to distinguish a difference. By switching to flameless candles, you can enjoy the benefits and beauty of traditional candles without the worry of an accident.

Pet owners and parents alike can appreciate not having to worry about walking away from a lit candle without the risk of a child or pet knocking it over. Spilled wax is not the only worry; nobody wants the danger of a child or pet potentially setting fire to the surrounding area or themselves! As a pet owner, I am incredibly reluctant to set lit candles on the coffee table. After switching over to flameless candles, I can create the ambiance I want, as well as having peace of mind. I also do not have to worry about “supervising” my flameless candles when they are turned on! Also, for those of you who appreciate the subtle scent of traditional candles, Battery Operated Candles offers many candles that are scented.

No worries that naughty Mickie is on the coffee table with my Dancing Flame pillar flameless candles!

For those who enjoy decorating for the holidays, flameless candles are the best and safest option. You can incorporate them into all of your decorations without having to worry about setting the garland on fire! Flameless candles are also perfect for those who have lanterns and other decorative accents that are nicely accessorized with candles.

Wedding and event planners should also consider incorporating flameless candles into their event décor. Many venues are beginning to not allow traditional candles on their premises due to safety precautions. Also, who can blame them for not wanting to deal with cleaning spilled candle wax off their rental linens! By investing in flameless tea-lights and pillar candles for events, Brides can still have guests dine by candlelight at any venue, and create the romantic atmosphere they desire.

Restaurant owners should also consider switching over from oil lamps or traditional candles to flameless candles. Many employers have found that their serving staff who have asthma or other breathing problems notice a difference in air quality after switching over to flameless candles. Dining customers will also appreciate the difference! Utilizing rechargeable flameless candles can also cut down on cost over time.

Flameless Candles are Golden Retriever Friendly

Golden Retriever with Safe Flameless CandlesThis is our third Golden Retriever and we named him Tripp. Let’s just say the the name fits in more ways than just one! He is Mr. Personality and very curious. Therefore, his tail has nearly gone up in flames many times, and he has almost even singed his nose! We are not sure if he likes the scent of the candle or the flickering of the flame.  Because we are always looking for items to keep our pet safe, we are greatly appreciative all the different types of flameless candles that are available on this website. Now we feel comfortable leaving Tripp alone in a room with candles. Even though he still likes sniffing the candles, we have no more worries!