Lighted Palm Tree – Break Out The Hula Skirts!

Create a tropical paradise in your home, shop or restaurant with our fantastic lighted palm tree!

We’ve got palm trees in a variety of sizes, number of lights and price ranges.  Their all-weather construction lets you place them inside or outside.

Lighted Palm Tree With 500 Lights

Lighted Palm Tree With 500 Lights

Here’s our lighted palm tree, potted, with 4, 5 and 6-foot high palms.  500 clear lights are distributed in the palm leaves and along the trunks – looks great in the daytime and even better at night!  Overall weight is 44-pounds, and the planter weighs 22-pounds to provide a good anchor.  The pot is included.

Or, go the other direction with our 18-inch potted mini-palm.  It comes pre-lit with 20 clear lights.  Use several of these to mark pathways and entryways, and to add to other arrangements.

Want more lights?  Step up to our palm with 650 clear lights.  Or, select a single trunk palm tree with 200 lights.

Watch a video by following the link above.

Wedding and special event planners know how these artificial palm trees can turn an ordinary space into a captivating tropical atmosphere – indoors or outdoors.  Now we offer them to discerning homeowners – who want a bit of paradise in their own backyard – as well!





Battery String Lights For Decks And Patios

100 White Battery Powered LED String Lights

100 White Battery Powered LED String Lights

Spring has sprung in the Heartland, and that means it’s time for backyard, outdoor fun.  And this year, why not add some sparkle to your backyard, deck and patio with easy-to-install battery string lights.

Battery operated, LED string lights allow easy installation anywhere – no outdoor plug, no messy extension cords needed!  Our battery string lights run on 3 “D” cell batteries, and under normal use should give you six to eight weeks of shining LED’s before needing to replace batteries.

The 100 White LED indoor – outdoor lights have a heavy waterproof battery pack for outside use. Included is a six-hour timer for your convenience, as well as on/off switch.  Additional features:

  • Twinkle Mode
  • Twinkle Mode with 6 Hour Timer
  • Steady On
  • Steady on with 6 Hour Timer
  • Steady Off
  • Up to 25,000 Hours of Bulb Life
  • Break Resistant Bulbs with Locking feature
  • Total Length 35 Feet
  • 4 Inch Bulb Spacing
  • 16 Inch Lead To Battery Pack

Install our battery string lights around railings on your deck, in trees, arbors, pergolas and patios.  Bars and restaurants learned a long time ago that bright string lights attract customers.  You can create a similar festive atmosphere for parties – graduation is just around the corner! – and when having friends over for a casual summer evening.


Outdoor Battery Powered Candles For Your Deck and Patio

It’s time to sweep off the deck and patio, put out the furniture, and fire up the grill!  There’s nothing like our outdoor battery powered candles and their glowing flameless candlelight when the sun goes down.

You can leave our flameless candles outdoors all season without fear of melting.  That’s because Battery Operated Candles outdoor candles are made of plastic and resin materials that will not melt in the hot sun.  And they’ll even stay “lit” in wind and rain!

Remote controls and timers allow for ease of use.

Weatherproof, Flameless Outdoor Battery Powered Candles

Weatherproof, Flameless Outdoor Battery Powered Candles

A great place to start is with our set of five flameless outdoor candles, molded in pleasing ivory color resin.

These indoor/outdoor flameless candles come in a set of two 3-inch x 4-1/2-inch candles, two 3-inch x 6-inch candles, and one 3-inch x 8-inch candle.  Arrange them together or separately – the choice is yours.

The candles come with a manual on/off switch, as well as a timer.  By using the timer, the flameless candles will turn on at the same time each day, and run for five hours.

Outdoor Candle Lanterns Are Warm and Welcoming

Welcome guests with the old-time charm of outdoor candle lanterns, safely equipped with a modern, battery operated, flameless candle.  No muss, no fuss – a flameless candle won’t blow out, and if equpped with a timer, turns itself on and off to boot.

Outoor candle lanterns are portable.  They’re small enough for easy installation and moving from place to place.  Hang them from shepherd’s hooks, place them on tables, line your front walk.  They look great around pools and patios, and interspersed among flowers in your garden.

Featuring rustic charm and Old World styles, our outdoor candle lanterns are made of metal and wood. Mix and match complementary looks, or select a trio such as our distinctive set of three red candle lanterns:

Flameless Candle Lanterns For Indoor And Outdoor Use

Flameless Candle Lanterns For Indoor And Outdoor Use

These three red lanterns are 14, 17 and 20-inches tall.  They’re made of metal and glass. For indoor and outdoor use, you can easily move these lanterns inside in winter and outside in summer!  Use on your tabletop, cabinet, or as a decorative lamp next to your fireplace; hang them outside and as patio table decorations.

And don’t forget to equip them with your favorite battery operated flameless candle!