Outdoor Candle Lighting A Better Idea For Dad Than A Tie!

Outdoor Flameless Candle

Outdoor Flameless Candle

Father’s Day is almost here.  Face it – Dad probably doesn’t want a tie, and even if he needs socks… why not get creative with Outdoor Candle Lighting!

Battery powered, outdoor flameless candles make a versatile gift Dad can use time and again.

Battery operated candles made expressly for outdoor use feature a more rugged construction – usually plastic or resin – so they won’t melt in the hot sun or crack in cold weather.  Their internal LEDs’ are waterproof, and some (in our Luminara line) have mini drain holes for moisture.

Pictured is a red outdoor pillar candle, with a white LED that flickers just like a real candle. From Candle Impressions, it’s part of a group of outdoor candle lighting, available in red, blue, purple, orange and green.  Three-inch diameter and five-inch heights, unscented.

These candles feature a five hour timer as well as manual on/off.  

This set of outdoor candle lighting looks great on patios, around the bbq grill, pools and decks.  Take these candles to the lake and put them on your boat dock – at night, they look fantastic from the water!  And, they won’t ever blow out in the wind.

We offer many sizes of flameless candles suitable for outdoor use.  Tea lights, votives and pillars are the most popular, for placement as free-standing decorations or inside durable and charming candle lanterns.

A great place to start is on our website under Outdoor Candles.


Solar Powered Patio Lights

Solar Powered Mosaic Jar

Solar Powered Mosaic Jar

Long summer days with lots of sunshine equals the perfect time for Solar Powered Patio Lights.  No AC electrical power cords – let the sun charge and re-charge table-top decorations, lanterns and entire strands of LED string lights!

Here’s a Solar Mosaic Jar, pictured in soothing blue and also available in amber jewel tones.  This hand-blown glass (no two alike) is beautiful in daylight, and at night its flameless LED turns on and illuminates the mosaic pattern.  The LED will light up to seven hours from an average day of sunlight on its solar panel.


Strands of Soji Solar Lanterns create a fusion of colorful hanging lanterns, in daylight and at night.  Our 10-inch diameter lanterns are available in orange, red, blue, green, yellow and white.  They’re made of wind-resistant nylon, and accordion open to collect sunlight all day. A tabletop base is included as well as hanging hook; garden stake sold separately.  A white LED is inside each lantern.


Solar LED rope lights, with 50 white bulbs, are ideal for year-round use.  Perfect for decorating decks, patios, pergolas, arbors, trees, walkways – you name it!  Steady or blinking modes.  They’re water and weather resistant with 100,000 + hour LED life. Total length 23-feet.  A rechargeable 1000 maH AA battery included, plus solar panel and mounting brackets.

Check out all our solar powered patio lights and other outdoor lighting – great photos on Pinterest!

Hanging Patio Lights

Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Lantern With Crossbars

Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Lantern With Crossbars

It’s time to spruce up the patio, and hanging patio lights are a great place to start!

Battery operated, weather-resistant lighting makes installation and maintenance a snap.

Pictured is our Flameless Outdoor Lantern with crossbars and hinged doors.  This good looking, six-sided lantern comes complete with a battery operated, three-inch, melted-look pillar candle, installed and ready to turn on.  The flameless LED candle runs on three “AAA” batteries, and has a five hour timer for convenient on/off operation.

The lantern dimensions are 6.5-inches wide x 9-inches tall, with an overall height of 13-inches.

You can use this candle lantern indoors or outdoors, hanging or resting on a post or table.

Hanging patio lights, hung from shepherd’s hooks, tree limbs, arbors and pergolas turn an ordinary backyard patio into a glowing wonderland!

We have a wide selection of hanging patio lights to choose from, including many styles of flameless candle lanterns.

Or, decorate with colorful solar powered lanterns, made of weather-proof and wind-resistant nylon.

For a more traditional look, consider hanging votive candle holders.  Add flameless, battery operated votive candles to complete the design; hang or place on table tops.

Hanging Patio Lights are just a place to start when designing your ideal backyard paradise. Check out our Pinterest page to spark your creative juices.  Plenty of outdoor candle lanterns and other backyard decor featured!

Lighted Willow Branches For Outdoor Decor

Lighted Willow Branch

Lighted Willow Branch

Add some sparkle to your outdoor garden decor with Lighted Willow branches and more!

Lighted Willow Branches are the perfect addition to potted plants, placed in a garden among shrubs and flowers, or simply displayed on a deck, pool or patio.

For your convenience, we offer Lighted Willow Branches in both battery operated, and AC electric styles.  Battery operated lights use 3 AA  batteries (waterproof battery pack), while the electric styles come with a transformer and 16-foot electric cord for easy plug-in.  Battery models are equipped with a six-hour timer.

Of our Lighted Willow Branches, choose from 27-inch or 39-inch heights.  Both heights tout 60 glowing LED lights.  You can arrange the stems to fit your space and surrounding decor.

Additional lighted branches are available in 30- and 38-inch heights.

You can also select a beautiful indoor/outdoor lighted branch with stunning blue LED’s.  It features three stems, each with 20 blue LED’s (total of 60).  Several bulbs twinkle at random times.  It comes complete with three ground stakes and an AC transformer (UL listed electric plug-in).  All three sets can be connected together.round stakes and AC transformer. You can connect up to 3 sets together.  Six-foot lighted length.

For more outdoor decorating ideas, check out our Pinterest page, loaded with photos for your deck, patio and backyard.

Grape Vine Lights – LED String Lights

Grape Vines With Lighted LED's

Grape Vines With Lighted LED’s

Distinctive Natural Grape Vine Lights make a great indoor and outdoor decoration.

Here are battery-powered LED string lights inserted into sphere-shaped Grape Vines.  You’ll receive a set of five 6-inch diameter spheres, arranged on a light strand 8-feet long,with 24-inch spacing between the spheres.  There is a 24-inch lead to the battery pack (3 AA batteries).

A nice touch is a timer feature – the Grape Vine Lights will come on at the same time each day and run for six hours.

Use these Natural Grape Vine Lights to enhance flower gardens, or hang from pergolas, trellis, arbors and tree branches.  Perfect mood lighting for backyard parties and celebrations!  Since they’re battery operated, they’re hassle-free and go anywhere.

LED’s – light emitting diodes – are cost efficient and long-life.  Small LED’s that produce bright light are ideal for string lights and where bulb replacement is time-consuming and costly.  Similarly, LED’s are an ideal light source in battery operated candles, where inserting them into the candle body assures long life with no maintenance.

Take a look at our Pinterest page, loaded with ideas and photos for outdoor lighting and decorations.  You’ll find ornamental and functional candle lanterns and urns, flameless outdoor candles, and many more creative outdoor lighting ideas!


Fireflies In Mason Jar – LED Style

Flashing Fireflies In A Mason Jar

Flashing Fireflies In A Mason Jar

Remember catching fireflies and placing them in a glass jar, complete with ice pick air holes in the lid?  Well, here are Fireflies In a Mason Jar – LED Style!

Our fireflies feature battery operated LED’s that flash just like real lightning bugs.  They’re placed in a container made of glass, complete with lime-green lid with handle.  The jar measures 3.75-inches in diameter and is 6.75-inches tall.

Inside the jar are four glowing fireflies, placed on a sprig of leaves. They take turns flashing their battery powered LED’s… just like real lightning bugs!  Uses two “AA” batteries.

Fireflies In A Mason Jar are safe – no flame! – so a fun addition to children’s rooms and elsewhere in your home – indoor and outdoor.

New!  Fireflies In A Mason Jar are the perfect design complement to our Lightning Bugs Lighted Canvas Wall Art.  This new art style features traditional canvas prints, stretched and nailed to real wood frames.  Then, LED lighting is strategically placed into the print, turning the canvas into a lighted wonderland.

Lightning Bugs Lighted Canvas Wall Art features twenty fireflies, flickering and glowing in a charming farm setting.  Install this piece of art on a mantel or wall, and place Fireflies In A Mason Jar next to it to complete the arrangement.


Decorative Urn For Flameless Candles And More

Decorative Metal Urn With Flameless Candle

Decorative Metal Urn With Flameless Candle

Here’s an all-weather Decorative Urn that doubles as a flameless candle holder.

From Candle Impressions, this Tuscan inspired Antique White Metal Decorative Urn measures 10-inches wide and 14-inches high.  Pebbled finish.

It comes with an outdoor, battery operated, flameless candle 3.5-inches wide x 6-inches tall. The weatherproof, white color LED candle features Candle Impressions’ distinctive black wick.  It has an on/off switch as well as five-hour timer.  The candle is unscented.

You can also use our other outdoor candles 3.5-inches wide or smaller.  For a change of pace try our outdoor colored candles.

This Decorative Urn, with its glowing flameless candle,  provides a pleasant greeting when placed on porches and entryways. It looks great on patios as well.

You can use it indoors, too, in sun rooms, great rooms and more.

And, since the candles are removable, the urn doubles as a planter.  Try a nice flower or plant arrangement, and sprinkle in our battery operated tea lights for a unique design all your own.

You’ll find more outdoor decor ideas pictured on Pinterest.  Now that we’re heading into summer, you’ll want to spruce up your yard, deck and patio.  Our outdoor LED lights, battery operated candles, LED trees and decorative candle holders – from small votive holders to larger lantern-styles – are a great place to start!



Battery Powered Chandelier – Elegant Lighting Anywhere!

Battery Powered Anywhere Chandelier

Battery Powered Anywhere Chandelier

Elegant lighting can be yours – anywhere – with our Battery Powered Chandelier.

What a great idea!  This Kami chandelier – with its unique glass, antique scroll ironwork, and antique bronze metal finish – is right at home inside or outside.

No special installation hardware or hard wiring is needed.  The battery powered chandelier runs on 4 C-batteries.  It has a timer that allows for 4 and 8 hour run times, with automatic shut-off, and an energy saving feature that allows batteries to last a full year.

Hang the Anywhere Kami Chandelier in your home, a screened in porch, pergola, gazebo or a party tent during that special occasion.  It measures 10-inches tall and 14.5-inches wide; hangs about 30-inches.  Six tulip shaped glass holders, each with six acrylic pendants, hold the flame shaped, flickering bulbs.

The effect of a classy, elegant chandelier where it is least expected will delight you and your guests alike.

See our Anywhere Battery Powered Chandelier on Pinterest, where you can view a wide assortment of lighting and outdoor decor, including a nice companion piece: our Battery Operated Five Flame Indoor/Outdoor Candelabra.  With realistic LED bulbs inside the tulip-shaped glass holders, it’s the perfect complementary tabletop piece.  22-inches tall and 14-inches wide.



Outdoor Candle Holders (And Flameless Candles) Perfect For Mothers Day

Surprise Mom this Mothers Day with one our outdoor candle holders.  Include a battery operated candle, and you’ll not only make her day, you’ll light up her night!

Glass Hanging Candle Holders

Glass Hanging Candle Holders

Pictured here is our set of two glass hanging (or tabletop) candle holders, adorned with metal flowers.

Made of strong glass, with accompanying antique metal flowers, you can use these on your table or hang from a shepherds hook or tree branch.

The opening measures 2.5-inches wide and the two holders are 4-inches wide X  4.5 and 7.5-inches tall respectively.  (When hung with the handle, total hanging height is 7.5 and 12.5-inches).

Next, add any of our flameless votives or pillar candles measuring from 2.5-inch diameter to 3 and 6-inches tall.  Note:  If you’re planning on using these candle holders exclusively outside, you might consider a battery operated candle made of resin or plastic, which is heat and weather-resistant.  We have many tea lights and votives in diameters that will fit. A great place to start is with our indoor/outdoor 1.5-inch wavy LED votives.  When placed inside the glass candle holder, the effect is warm and pleasing.  A 4-hour timer lets you place the battery operated votives in the glass holders, and the candles will turn on automatically. Simple and easy!

Of course, since these candle holders are also lovely inside your home, any of our tea lights and votives, made of real wax, are at your disposal.



Soji Solar Lanterns For Your Outdoor Graduation Party

Soji Solar Lantern

Soji Solar Lantern

Here’s a unique decorating accessory for your graduation party or other outdoor event:  Soji Solar Lanterns.

Soji Solar Lanterns are made of durable, heavy-duty nylon for outdoor applications.  Their solar collector gathers sunlight all day, to turn on the lantern’s two LED lights at night.  Each lantern comes with a AAA rechargeable battery, photo light sensor and on/off switch.  No need for electrical cords and outlets with these solar lanterns!

The lanterns come in 10-inch sizes, and are available in green, blue, red, yellow, orange and white colors.   Soji elegant solar festival lanterns accordion open, collect sunlight all day, and turn themselves on to cast a beautiful glow by night.  What could be easier?

The lanterns come with a tabletop base and a hanging hook for trees, pergolas, fences, etc.  A garden stake, sold separately, is also available.

For the best “glow”, let the Soji Solar Lantern charge at least one full day in direct sunlight before using.  Since they utilize flameless LED’s and are windproof, they’re safe to use around decks, furniture, children and pets.

For added effect, include our complementary solar string lights.  A set of ten lanterns in various colors come equipped with a single white LED.  The lanterns are 3-inches in diameter and spaced nearly a foot apart on the string.  There is a 33-inch lead before the first lantern.

Like our larger Soji Solar Lanterns, these lanterns are made of nylon, are windproof and come with their own solar collector.