LED Tea Lights Bulk – Quantity Discounts!

Rechargeable LED Tea Lights

Rechargeable LED Tea Lights

Battery operated, flameless tea lights are a  versatile and festive addition to any decorating scheme.  And, LED Tea Lights Bulk Pricing provides you with an economical way to purchase any type of tea light you need.

For example, our Rechargeable LED tea lights are perfect for applications where you’ll be using tea lights on a regular basis – restaurants, event planners, wedding receptions.

This set of six rechargeable tea lights comes with a charging base.  Their mellow amber flicker lights about 12 hours on a single charge.  A six-slot recharging station is included, along with an AC adapter (recharging takes about 8 hours).  The recharging base is designed to let you charge single tea lights, or the entire set at the same time.

Rechargeable tea lights are a long-lasting value.

LED Tea Lights Bulk Pricing allows you to purchase any of our tea lights in the quantities you need.  We not only sell our tea lights in bulk, you can also order combinations of tea lights and save even further.

Select from color changing battery operated tea lights, floating tea lights, tea lights with timers, even tea lights with remote control!  Indoor/outdoor, different colors and LED flame color available.


Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles

Enjoy Lighting Distressed Style Flameless Candles

Enjoy Lighting Distressed Style Flameless Candles

Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles feature the unique “Triple LED Flickering Light Source”. These battery operated candles have three LED’s  precisely placed and programmed, to create a flickering effect that casts moving shadows, just like a real flame.

Offered in most Enjoy Candles (votives have single LED’s), the Triple LED’s are part of Enjoy’s Distressed Texture Line.  Choose from

  • Green, with Lime Grass scent
  • Burgundy, with Pomegranate Passion scent
  • Ivory, with Fresh Linen scent
  • Beeswax, with Sweetened Biscotti scent
  • Brown, with Moroccan Spice scent
  • Blue Stone, with Eucalyptus Mint scent (this candle comes with timer)
  • More!  –  different shades of color and scents!

Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles –  Distressed Style – are typically offered in 3-inch diameter x 4- or 6-inch heights.  They have two light settings:  dim and bright modes.  Made with real wax, realistic melted edges add to their appeal.

With our quantity pricing and discounts, you can order all the same color, or a variety of colors and scents.  Perfect for room decor, table decorations and adding a refreshing scent to any room in your home.  A lovely addition year-round!

See all of our safe, flameless candles – from tea lights to classic pillars and tapers – on the Battery Operated Candles website.



Battery Operated Luminara Candles With Remote

Luminara Flameless Remote Conrtol Candle

Luminara Flameless Remote Control Candle

You know Luminara battery operated candles as the candles with the “dancing flame”.  And new for 2013, is this set of six Luminara Candles With Remote.

These commercial grade, remote control Luminara Flameless Candles are ideal for restaurants, banquet halls, wedding receptions and other special events… but of course you can use them in your home as well.  Each set of six candles comes with one remote control.

Choose from 3.5-inch diameter x 5- or 7-inches high, or 4-inch diameter x 9-inch high candles.   White color and vanilla scent.  All candles have a five-hour timer.

Luminara battery operated candles utilize an internal LED, which shines through electromagnets and up to the flame tip.  The “dancing flame”  moves, creating motion that’s stunning and realistic.

If you prefer a single flameless Luminara Candle with remote control, elegant pillars in 4-inch diameter and 5-, 7- and 9-inch heights are available.  Ivory color and floral spice scent.  An elegant accessory when placed on a pedestal candle holder, and when arranged in group!

View more Luminara Flameless Candles on our Facebook page.  The pastel colored candles illustrated on Facebook are sold as singles, and when you order in multiples – mix and match colors! –  you’ll save even more!



Want Great Deals? Visit Battery Operated Candles Clearance Sale!

Battery Operated Candles Sale Page

Battery Operated Candles Sale Page

Deals galore can be found on the Battery Operated Candles Clearance Sale Page!

Battery operated candles, Christmas and other holiday items, do-it-yourself wedding and party supplies – they’re all here, and at prices you have to see to believe.

Graduation parties are right now, and we’re offering great deals on LED Party Lanterns in green, red, orange and blue.

Planning a wedding?  Silk Flower Pomander Balls in a rainbow of colors look wonderful on ends of pews and as table and chair decorations.

Lighted floral branches and selected LED trees are on sale now!

And of course, there are plenty of flameless, battery operated candles to choose from.

As new stock comes in, we add items to our Clearance Sale page.  Some of these items are one-of-a-kind, and when they are gone, they’re gone – so don’t delay.  And, bookmark this page and check back regularly to see what’s been added!

As always, volume pricing applies, so you’ll save even more.



Flameless, Remote Control Candles Allow Ease Of Use

Flameless, battery operated candles are the safe, easy way to add candles to your decor. Take the technology a step further with Remote Control Candles – the convenient way to place candles throughout your home, office or retail establishment.

By utilizing a remote control with your battery operated candle, you can place the candle inside candle holders and containers, in hard to reach places like tall bookshelves, atop cabinets, vaulted window sills and ledges.  And, if you’re having an event and want to turn on all the candles at the same time, flameless candles with remote control are the way to go.

We offer a variety of sizes and styles of Remote Control Candles.

Remote Control Flameless Candles

Remote Control Flameless Candles

Pictured is our Remote Control set of three flameless LED candles.  These candles are 3.25-inches in diameter and 4.5-, 5.5- and 6.5-inches tall.  They’re part of set of flameless remote control candles that are also available in 6.25-inch heights, all which work together on the same remote.

These Remote Control Candles have a melted edge and real melted wax on the outside.  Ivory color and mild vanilla scent.  The LED flickers just like a real flame!

The remote control has a 20-foot range.

Our entire range of battery operated candles with remote controls includes flameless candles for indoor and outdoor applications, candles that come with the remote as an option, and candles and remotes with timer settings as well as LED light adjustments from flicker to glow.

And you thought your TV remote had lots of buttons – now you can sit in your easy chair and turn your flameless candles on and off to your heart’s content!

Dripping Wax Candles – Who Knew A Flameless Candle Could Look This Real!

If you’ve ever wondered what a flameless, battery operated candle is made of, the answer is:  wax, plastic or resin.  Depending on the candle size and application – indoor or outdoor – each material has its specific advantage.  And when it comes to dripping wax candles, even one that’s battery operated, wax is the material of choice.

Heavy Drip Flameless Wax Candle
Heavy Drip Flameless Wax Candle

For example, take a look at this ivory and tan colored Heavy Drip Flameless Candle.  Made from real wax, the candle features super-heavy drips also made from real wax.  Looks just like a real candle, but that’s where the similarity ends:  no wax mess at the bottom of the candle, and, this battery operated candle won’t melt away!

You can choose several sizes of these heavy drip candles, solo or groups,  to make an attractive arrangement.  They’re offered in widths of 3, 4 and 6-inches, and in heights of 4, 6, 8 and (impressive!) 10-inches.

This candle has a honeysuckle scent.

A 4, 6 and 8 hour timer provides flexibility, or, simply use the on/off switch.

And, for the ultimate in ease-of-use, our Heavy Drip Flameless Candle also comes with a remote (sold separately, optional).

Pull one of our Heavy Drip Flameless Candles out of their package, and you’ve got a candle that instantly looks like it’s been burning for hours!  Its LED flickers just light a real candle.





The Amazing Flameless Color Capture Candle

Flameless Color Capture Candle

Flameless Color Capture Candle

Designer candles are all the rage.  Flameless, battery operated designer candles are unique both on the outside and inside.  Utilizing wax and resin materials, just like real candles, allows for intricate carvings and designs; and the bonus is, on the inside flameless technology has opened the door to myriad effects.   One of the most innovative candles we’ve seen is this amazing, flameless Color Capture candle.

What’s unique about the Color Capture candle is its color capture technology, which allows you to coordinate the candle color with just about any decor you come up with.

Here’s how it works:

When you first turn on the candle, it cycles through its available color palette.  lt continues to do so until you press a button to select your preferred color.  What’s really neat, the candle can also be placed over most colors… it scans that color… and that’s the color the candle illuminates! (Some dark colors like earth tones, black, brown, navy cannot be scanned).  The end result:  you can make the candle illuminate the same color as table decorations, a wedding or prom dress, or holiday decor!

The Color Capture flameless candle comes with on/off, or 4-hour or 8-hour timer modes.

Sold in sets of two, our Color Capture pillars measure 3-inches X 6-inches.  They’re made of white resin.

The Color Capture candle is part of our designer collection of flameless candles.  You’ll find all sorts of shapes and sizes, with intricate carvings and details, in real wax and resin materials.

Spring Candles Send Old Man Winter Packing

It seems like Winter is hanging on forever, but you can at least help your mood with battery operated spring candles.

Bring the color and fragrant scents of Spring indoors with our flameless, spring candles

Whether it’s the relaxing pastels of Luminara pillars, the mixed berry scent of our pink, embossed flameless candles, or the intricate beauty of tiny, tulip tea lights…  we’ve got a battery operated candle sure to lift your spirits.

Wax Tulip Tea Lights

Wax Tulip Tea Lights

These real wax, 2-inch high LED tea lights, are beautifully carved into tulip shapes.  They come in a set of six, in pale pink, light yellow and white.  You’ll enjoy them lit or simply as an arrangement on your table, mantel or bookcase.  When lit, the LED wick flickers like a real candle.  Unscented.

Our Tulip Tea Lights are perfect for decorating, and make a wonderful accessory for baby showers, weddings, anniversaries and that special birthday or event.

Enjoy relaxing scents like floral, vanilla and even bamboo.  Our Spring Candles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and scents (or unscented).  Some come with timers as well. 


When The Lights Go Out: Battery Powered Tea Lights To The Rescue

Battery Powered Tea Lights

Battery Powered Tea Lights

Did you know battery powered tea lights are a great back-up lighting system when your lights go out?

From time to time, customers tell us how they use our battery operated candles, and quite a few mention using small, inexpensive tea lights as the perfect alternative light source.

When you lose power, are you left scurrying around, looking for real candles (dangerous!) to light throughout your home?  Or do you wind up carrying a flashlight with you from room to room?  If there aren’t enough flashlights to go around, it’s a tug of war to see who gets one next.  Been there, done that!

Our flameless, battery powered tea lights provide cheerful lighting, when grouped together for reading, or when placed in singles to light the way inside your home.

No dangerous flames and no smoke.  If you have children and pets, that’s reason enough.  Battery powered tea lights provide a continuous, reassuring glow… when it’s scary and stormy outside, flameless tea lights help keep things rosey inside.

You can purchase battery powered tea lights in economical sets.  For example, these Candle Impressions LED tea lights come in a set of ten. Their brightly burning LED creates an amber glow.  Small 1.5-inch diameter and 1.75-inches tall; each comes with a battery that lasts about 60 hours.





Flameless Taper Candles – Elegant and Classic

Battery operated, flameless taper candles find themselves equally at home on dinner tables, mantels and window sills, as part of wedding ceremonies, church services and graduation processions.

For schools, churches and other public places that have restrictions on live flames, our flameless candles step in to provide a flame, smoke and wax-free experience.

Offered in a variety of heights and diameters, some of our flameless tapers also come with adjustable bases to fit different size candle holders, and are equipped with timers as well.

Inexpensive vigil tapers come with incandescent bulbs, while the rest of our battery operated flameless taper candles utilize LED’s.

Blue Metallic Flameless Taper

Blue Metallic Flameless Taper

For a distinctive look, try our 12-inch Blue Metallic tapers.  They’re sold in sets of two.  The flexible, removable base will work in most candle holders and candelabras.  Suction cups are included for use as window flameless candles.

These battery operated candles will turn on every day at the same time and run for 6 hours before automatically turning off.  The flame produces an amber flicker.

This style taper also available in gold and silver.

From classic, 16-inch high dinner candles, to a 6-inch scented Grunge Style, there’s sure to be a battery operated, flameless taper candle in our inventory to fit your needs.