Color Changing LED Candles

Color Changing LED Flameless Candles

Color Changing LED Flameless Candles

Start off with basic white, then watch as these Color Changing LED Candles work their way through 16 colors!

Color Changing LED Candles are a fun addition to dorm rooms, children’s rooms (make fun night lights), bar areas, decks, boat docks and restaurant tables.

These are made of real wax, with a melted edge look, so if you use them outside, be sure to bring them in after use.

Sold in a set of three, these flameless candles measure 3-inches in diameter and are 4-, 5- and 6-inches tall.

Convenient features!  A timer function allows 4 or 8 hour operation.  And, the multi-function remote control allows easy operation no matter where you place the candles.  The remote  (about 20-foot range) has buttons for all 16 colors, allows flicker or steady flame.

If you go to the Battery Operated Candles website, and in the search box located on the website, type “color changing candles”, you’ll discover an array of color changing LED candles.

From LED tea lights to pillars, we have flameless candles that display one color, or cycle through a rainbow.  Lots of holiday decorations from a cute snow man to Halloween decorations like ghosts, skulls and even a gruesome green hand holding a color changing ball – check it out!

A really unique item is our Super Bright 3 LED Color Changing Waterproof Tea Light.  Its  bold colors shine bright, even under water.  Place them in clear vases with floral arrangements, to brighten table settings, in our glass votive holders, or among water gel beads.  These submersible tea lights are designed to sink to the bottom of the container, and stay in place.

In operation, each LED cycles through its colors.  Supplied in sets of 10 tea lights.  These tea lights use replaceable CR2032 batteries, always available from us.

Color Changing LED Candles – colorful and fun!



Unscented Flameless Candles

Unscented Flameless Candles are the perfect choice for weddings and receptions, as well as around your home.  Flameless, battery operated candles are ideal for churches and reception halls that restrict live flame candles, and unscented flameless candles provide the ambiance without accompanying scent, often unnecessary for these applications.

We offer an extensive selection unscented flameless candles, in a variety of sizes.  Our unscented pillars, for example, are available in all the sizes and features you can ask for.

Unscented Flameless Pillar Candle In Three Sizes

Unscented Flameless Pillar Candle In Three Sizes

Here’s our White Heavy Textured Unscented Flameless Candle.

Offered in three sizes:  3-inch x 4-inch, 3-inch x 6-inch and 6-inch x 6-inch, this real wax cake textured  candle is chosen by wedding planners and home decorators alike.

It features three LED’s that produce a beautiful amber glow.  Perfect for the holidays, weddings and year-round in your home.

The candles have an On/Off switch as well as 4 and 8 hour timer.  Requires two “D” batteries.

Unscented flameless candles are available with timers and remotes for ease of use.  Select from smooth to textured finishes, with wax drip features and a variety of colors.

Pillar candles are typically candles that have a large enough base they can stand on their own, without a candle holder.  If you want to see a whopper of an unscented flameless candle, take a look at our 10-inch diameter x 18-inch tall battery powered candle.  Now that’s a flameless pillar!

The Amazing Flameless Candle… With Remote!

Yes!  We carry a wide selection of The Amazing Flameless Candle… and offer a unique remote control accessory as well.

The Amazing Flameless Candle, made of real wax, features a realistic flicker and glow from its battery operated LED candle lighting.  These candles are offered in scented and unscented styles, and feature technological innovations to make your life easier!

Start with easy on/off switches, or utilize multiple hour timers. You can even adjust the flicker of the Amazing Flameless Candle.

Remote Control For The Amazing Flameless Candle

Remote Control For The Amazing Flameless Candle

And best of all, you can use one remote control (sold separately) to operate every Amazing Flameless Candle in your home.  If you’re a restaurant owner, or an event planner with a lot of candles to light all at once – check out this line of battery operated candles with remote!

This remote control, for Amazing Flameless Candles, has On/Off function, 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-hour timer functions, flicker or steady “on”, and dim or bright light.  Uses one CR2032 battery (replacements always available from us).

A lovely Amazing Flameless Candle to start with is the remote ready, Birch Bark Candle, made from real wax.  Carved with a unique distressed texture, this battery operated, flameless candle is a welcome addition to any home – modern or rustic – as well as restaurants, and bar & grills.  Unscented.

The candle features On/Off, as well as a 4, 6 and 8 hour timer.  Amber flickering flame.  Purchase the remote control for total convenience.  Available in 3-inch diameters and 4 and 6-inch heights, or 4-inches diameter x 8-inches tall.

See all our Remote-Ready Amazing Flameless Candles listed under Remote Control Candles on the Battery Operated Candles website.

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LED Votive Candles – Flameless, Battery Operated

Flameless, battery operated LED Votive Candles are a perfect size candle for centerpieces, floral arrangements, candle lanterns, hanging baskets and more.

In the world of battery operated candles, when sizing candles, votives for the most part are larger than tea lights and smaller than pillars.  Our flameless LED Votive Candles typically range in size from 1.5-inches to 2-inches in diameter, and 1.5-inches to 3-inches in height.  Most are round, and we also have some unique square shapes as well.

LED Votive Candles are available in scented and unscented styles, in a variety of colors and real wax designs (carved, distressed, dripped wax).  Candles with timers as well as remote controls add to their versatility and convenience.

LED Votive Candles Set Of Six

LED Votive Candles Set Of Six

Pictured here is is a set of six LED Votive Candles, from Candle Impressions.  These all-wax, cream colored, unscented flameless candles measure 1.5-inches in diameter and 1.75-inches tall.  They have a convenient five-hour timer, as well as on/off switch.

Candle Impressions battery operated candles are identified with their distinctive black wick, which flickers and glows from the internal LED light source.

The set includes six CR2032 batteries PLUS six replacement batteries.  And, you can always order more replacement batteries from us.

Batteries For Flameless Candles

Replacement Batteries For Flameless Candles

Replacement Batteries For Flameless Candles

When it’s time to replace the battery in your flameless candle, we have an extensive inventory in the sizes you need.  Batteries for Flameless Candles – tea lights, votives, pillars and tapers – are available in quantities and prices that beat the corner drug store hands down.

Quite a few of these batteries power more than battery operated candles.  Remember to stock up for your calculator, watch, camera, alarms and more!

We have both Alkaline and Lithium batteries for flameless candles, factory sealed for freshness.  AAA and AA  and AG13 Alkaline and CR2032 and CR2450 Lithium.

For example, the popular CR2032 3-volt button battery is sold five batteries to a card.  The CR2450 comes four to a pack.

In addition to batteries, we also have a variety of replacement and novelty bulbs you can use on battery candles and other light fixtures.

A color-changing 3-volt bulb for battery powered candlesticks is a fun alternative during the holidays and other occasions.  The bulb cycles through blue, green and red.

A flickering bulb is also available, and bulbs in various shapes and voltages.

Quantity pricing and quantity discounts add up to big savings when you order replacement batteries and bulbs from Battery Operated Candles.

Battery Powered Hurricane Lamps

Flameless, Battery Powered Hurricane Lamps

Flameless, Battery Powered Hurricane Lamps

With the Atlantic Hurricane Season upon us, now is the time to stock up on Battery Powered Hurricane Lamps – for style and function.

Historically, a hurricane lamp – or hurricane lantern –  was constructed so the candle inside was protected from the wind.  Our hurricane lamps, equipped with flameless, battery operated candles and LED’s, will never blow out.

This charming set of two Battery Powered Hurricane Lamps features brass finished bases and clear glass shades.  The flameless taper candle’s LED flickers like real candlelight, or, adjust to steady light if preferred.  Perfect for tabletops, mantels, book cases.

These hurricanes measure 9-inches tall and 4.75-inches in diameter.  They run on 3 “AAA” batteries.  Designed for indoor use.

If a frosted shade is more your style, we have battery powered hurricane lamps with pewter, silver, brass and gold bases, all with white frosted glass shades.  Heights of 12- and 14-inches, diameters of 6-inches.

Or, select a Hurricane Lamp with frosted glass, bronzed finish with a classic finger holder.   This lamp also comes with a convenient five-hour timer, as well as standard on/off switch.

Look for these lamps on our website under Battery Hurricane Lamps.

And, if you like the idea of hurricane lamps as centerpieces, check out our Hurricane Lamp  Centerpiece in our Centerpiece Supplies category.  We offer a 20-inch hurricane candle holder, complete with iced pine, white berries and pine cones – elegant!  A 4-inch flameless candle fits inside (candle sold separately), and we have many to choose from.

Household Emergency Kit: Think Battery Operated Candles Before Severe Weather Strikes

Do you have a Household Emergency Kit?  Before severe weather or other disasters occur, consider putting together a basic Household Emergency Kit, so you’re ready, not sorry!  For portable, on-demand lighting, battery operated candles are ideal.

Here in the Midwest, we’ve had our eyes to the sky in recent weeks.  Devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma and across the Great Plains, flooding, downed trees and power lines, have meant extended periods without electricity and basic services.

Crazy weather across the United States this past year:  Hurricane Isaac in NOLA and the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Sandy and Superstorm Sandy on the East Coast, blizzards from Seattle to Boston!

Here’s a link to help you get started with a Household Emergency Kit:

White Indoor/Outdoor Battery Operated Candle

White Indoor/Outdoor Battery Operated Candle

Flameless, battery operated candles are not only a useful addition to your home emergency supplies, they’re a safe alternative to candles with a live flame.  Flameless, battery operated candles are smoke, soot and wax-free, and provide on-demand lighting whenever, and wherever you need it.

For basic emergency use, consider economical flameless candles.  From small tea lights, to somewhat larger votives, to larger still pillars and tapers, we have flameless candles you can use to provide light throughout your home when the power goes off.

Shop all your flameless, battery operated candle choices today!


Flameless Wax Candles – Carved And Embossed

Carved and embossed flameless wax candles add a bit of style to household decor.  We offer a variety of these battery operated candles, sure to complement centerpieces and other arrangements throughout your home.

Candle Impressions Carved Hurricane Flameless Candle

Candle Impressions Carved Hurricane Flameless Candle

In our line from Candle Impressions – the flameless candle with the distinctive black wick – are both carved and embossed flameless wax candles.

Pictured here is a set of two Striped Hurricane Candles.  These hurricanes are 3.5-inches in diameter and 4-inches tall.  They tout a distinctive carved, golden-yellow stripe on their outer wax shell.

The battery operated candles feature a five-hour timer with on/off and auto shut off. Melon scent.  The flameless LED wick flickers just like a real candle… and you won’t have to worry about a breeze – hurricane strength or less – blowing it out!

Carved Hurricanes in white, with a vanilla scent also available.

Candle Impressions also offers a colorfully carved maple leaf pillar candle, in red or orange, unscented.

Embossed flameless candles in diamond and spiral designs, in white, champagne and pink colors will fit into any decor.  These rounded pillars come in vanilla and mixed berry scents.

Take a look at all of Candle Impressions’ battery operated candles.  You’ll appreciate their wax construction, internal LED with flickering wick… and convenient features like timers and remote controls for flameless, worry-free operation.



Flameless Candles For Kids And Seniors

Not surprisingly, the two groups most at risk for candle accidents are children and seniors (and we could add pets, too!).  Consider battery operated, flameless candles for kids and seniors – they’re smoke, wax and flame-free!

Flameless candles double as night lights, and added features like timers and remote controls allow ease of use.  Place battery operated candles throughout a home, set the timer, and there’s always a glowing, reassuring light whether the electricity is on or off.

Flameless, Color Changing Peace Sign Candle

Flameless, Color Changing Peace Sign Candle

Everyone should consider the health risks of candles with live flames, and this is particularly true of people with breathing issues.  Smoke and soot can be an irritant, and in some cases a significant health risk.

For the kids, pictured is our Flameless, Color Changing Peace Sign Candle.  A fun addition to your child’s room, these battery operated candles feature a color changing LED in seven colors.  They’re made of carved wax, available in white-blue and white-green shells.  Unscented.

You’ll find plenty of flameless candles that kids and seniors will love on the Battery Operated Candles website.  A good place to start is the Clearance Sale page, where you’ll find savings on out-of-season items – like our adorable Wax Snow Family Candles – as well as fantastic savings on inventory clearance items.