Candle Lanterns For Weddings

Set the mood for evening receptions with Candle Lanterns For Weddings.  A candle lantern, matched with one of our flameless, battery operated candles, creates an inviting atmosphere of cheer and warmth.

You’ll find a large selection of candle lanterns for weddings throughout the Battery Operated Candles website.  With so many styles to choose from, you’ll be able to match one – or more – candle lanterns to all your reception decorations.

Bird Cage Candle Lantern

Bird Cage Candle Lantern

Candle Lanterns For Weddings are ideal as table centerpieces, and placed throughout the reception area, be it indoors or outdoors.  You can hang candle lanterns on trees, arbors and shepherd’s hooks; place them on deck and porch railings, line walkways, and position among flowers and garden plants.

A good place to start is with our Birdcage Candle Holder Lanterns.  Sold as a set of two, these are charming candle lanterns for weddings.

Measuring 23 and 29.5-inches tall, the metal bases support wire cloche birdcages.  The bases are wide enough to support votive and pillar size flameless candles (sold separately).  Keeping with a wedding theme, our Pearl White pillar flameless candle – white, with a dusting of iridescent glitter – is a good match.

Place fresh flowers, battery powered string lights, strands of crystal and pearl beads or decorative ribbon inside and around the candle lanterns for further effect.

Candle Lanterns For Weddings are just one category of DIY wedding supplies we offer, economically priced for wedding and event planners, and individuals alike.  You can design your entire wedding and reception decor with natural and manufactured ribbons and fabrics, votives and votive holders, centerpieces, decorating accessories and more.  And, of course we offer the widest selection of flameless, battery operated candles – indoor and outdoor – you’ll find anywhere.

For design ideas, take a look at some photos on Pinterest.


LOVE Letters To You From Battery Operated Candles

Previously, we introduced you to our brand new Lighted Canvas Wall Art, the charming blend of strategically placed LED’s into existing canvas prints.

Take a walk on the funkier side, with our LOVE Wall Art – individual letters with LED’s placed inside, spelling the word LOVE (or Vole for the spelling challenged).  They’re Love Letters to you – from Battery Operated Candles!

Love LED Wall Art

Love LED Wall Art

Each Letter measures 15-inches tall, in Apple Red and Natural Metal color.  An individual On/Off switch controls each letter, battery operated.  You can arrange the letters in any style you want.

Install our LOVE LED lighting inside or outside, but take care to place in a protected area for outdoor use.

Perfect for weddings and anniversaries, and declaring your affection 365 days a year!

If you like LED Wall Art, take a look at our extended line of Lighted Canvas Wall Art.  We’ve selected themes and scenes, in sizes and prices, to satisfy just about any art lover.  Take our LOVE Letters, and combine with one of the more romantic Lighted Canvas Wall Art prints, to create an eclectic theme all your own!







Portable Floral Lighting For Events And Home

Floral LED Spotlight

Floral LEd Spotlight

Put the spotlight on floral arrangements, wedding cakes, paintings and photos with portable floral lighting.

Floral lights, up-lights, spotlights all help to draw attention to the desired object.  Battery operation allow ease of use and go-anywhere portability.

Pictured is our battery operated portable floral lighting spotlight.  It’s ideal for lighting  buffet tables, flower arrangements, plants, walls, paintings… you name it!

Its high intensity 1-watt LED bulb produces the same light as 20 regular LED’s.  And, a dimmer function lets you create just the right effect.  Three AA batteries required.

This portable spotlight is cleverly designed to tilt and swivel so you can precisely aim the light.  It will sit flat or you can mount it on a wall with screws or Velcro (included).

Photographers tell us they love this light for lighting objects.

Another clever lighting effect is using a floral light base to up-light through vases, bottles and other clear objects.

For example, one of our floral light bases measures five square inches, and has 16 super-bright LED lights spread throughout the base.  The light shines evenly on all sides and upward through the glass or clear object.

We also have light bases in round and square shapes, measuring 4, 5 and 7 inches.  Super Bright LED’s are placed evenly on all bases to create stunning light effects.

See what other portable floral lighting effects you can create – check out all the possibilities on our website under Event/Floral Lights!




DIY Wedding Supplies – From The Wedding To The Reception

There’s no need to cut corners when you shop for DIY Wedding Supplies on the Battery Operated Candles website.  From wedding to reception (and other parties in-between like showers and rehearsal dinners), we have the diy wedding supplies to make your event  memorable and beautiful.

For wedding planners and individuals alike, our quantity discounts and volume pricing will fit your budget, whether it’s large or small.

Shop our wide selection of decorations for church and reception hall, and to create one-of-a-kind table centerpieces.

Start your decorating scheme with flameless, battery operated candles.  We have tea lights, votives (and votive holders), pillars and tapers in every size and color imaginable.  Be sure to check out our flameless candles with timers and remotes – perfect for when you have a lot of candles to turn on and off.  Flameless candles are the ideal solution for churches and reception halls that restrict the use of live flames.

Silk Flower Ball

Silk Flower Ball

Silk flower pomander balls – in a variety of colors – make wonderful end pew and table back decorations.

Or, use this year’s hottest design fabric:  natural burlap.  We have jute and burlap in ribbon, rolls, table covers and runners, even bolts.  Brown, beige and colors.

if you’re looking for an artificial mesh fabric, Deco Poly Mesh is for you.  Ideal for table tops, decorating wine bottles and vases, and enhancing flower arrangements.  Deco Poly Mesh is available in many colors and prints.  You can even use it to make colorful wreathes – check out our instructional videos!

And no table is complete without an elegant centerpiece – choose from a large selection of vases, candelabra, garlands and lighted floral branches to create a table top your guests won’t believe.

We love weddings, anniversaries and other special events!  Items in stock, ready for immediate shipment.  Need help making selections?  Contact our helpful sales staff today!






Burlap Jute Ribbon Makes Great Party Decorations

Multi Color Jute Ribbon

Multi Color Jute Ribbon

Battery operated candles and Burlap Jute Ribbon?  You bet!

When it comes to providing everything you need for that one-of-a-kind table centerpiece, or for decorating an entire wedding or reception hall, we are your online destination for decorating supplies.

Burlap Jute Ribbon is available in a variety of sizes, lengths and colors.

While the terms burlap and jute are often used interchangeably – particularly in decorating materials – the two are slightly different products.  The distinction is blurred by manufacturing techniques, which can make the two appear identical.

  • Jute is the name of the plant, and typically rope, twine and yarn, even carpets,  are made of the thicker, coarser jute material.  Jute ribbon, for decorating, can be made in a variety of thicknesses and mesh patterns.
  • Burlap is one of Jute’s manufactured products.  Burlap makes great canvas, bags, and landscape fabrics; in the decorating arena, burlap is ideal for trendy table runners and table covers, and, similar to jute, any number of ribbon widths and mesh patterns.

The jute plant is native to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  It’s biodegradable and recyclable.  With its multiple uses, jute challenges cotton for usefulness and cultivation.  It’s a superior plant for crop rotation and environmental impact.

Pictured is our multi-color jute ribbon.  In your choice of Rose-Fuchsia-Pink, or Orange-Green-Fuchsia, this jute ribbon is 4-inches wide x 10-yards long.  The colors are woven together to form a beautiful mesh.

Jute ribbon is also available in solid colors of orange and rust.

Or, take advantage of our volume buying and pricing on burlap ribbon and fabric.  Ribbon in 2.5-inch and 4-inch widths, 20-inch wide table runners and 60-inch table toppers, or entire bolts of burlap fabric are available.

Burlap is offered in natural, brown, beige and a number of colors.

Burlap jute ribbon is this year’s hot design material.  Combine it with flameless, battery operated candles for an unforgettable setting!



Burlap For Weddings And Special Events

Natural Burlap Table Runner

Natural Burlap Table Runner

Burlap for weddings and special events is one of this season’s most popular decorations.

We are your one-stop destination for natural burlap for weddings – fabric and ribbon!  From natural burlap ribbon in numerous widths, to burlap table runners (like the one pictured at left) to whole bolts of burlap fabric, we have what you need!

Select from natural brown and beige burlap color, or choose any of our burlap ribbons in red and green; jute ribbon also available in solid and combination colors.

Ribbon widths run 1.5-, 2.5- and 4-inches.  Rolls are 9-inches and 20-inches wide.  And bolts of natural burlap fabric are as wide as 50-inches.

The burlap table runner pictured is 20-inches wide x 10-yards long.  Burlap table toppers and other burlap runners are also available.

Burlap for weddings and special events doesn’t stop with fabric.  We also have charming burlap flowers, burlap candle votive holder covers, and even burlap hanging tea light holders.  Natural burlap drawstring bags make great gift bags and rice holders.

Make Battery Operated Candles your wedding and special event headquarters!  Whether you’re a professional wedding/event planner, or a bride putting together your own DIY wedding, we have all the supplies and most popular decor items to make your day.

And, when you purchase more than one item, you save – up to 15%.

Click on the Wedding And Event Planning tab at the top of this page, and you’ll see all the possibilities.  In addition to product descriptions, we’ve got plenty of photos to help you come up with distinctive designs of your own.




Decorative Butterflies Have Wings That Move!

Butterfly With Wings That Move

Butterfly With Wings That Move

Here’s a fun and creative way to top off centerpieces and floral arrangements: electric and battery powered decorative butterflies with wings that actually move.

Pictured is our animated Blue Morpho Butterfly.  Its wings slowly move, thanks to special Flexinol Actuator Wires, made of a special alloy that changes shape when voltage is applied.  No motor required.

Our Blue Morpho Decorative Butterfly is one of a range of butterflies. You can see them all on the Battery Operated Candles website:  Monarchs, Red Sangaris, Dogface, Swallowtail, Green and Yellow Birdwing, American Painted Lady, Urania, White and Violet Morpho.

Each butterfly features beautiful iridescent metallic wings; attention to detail reveals rich natural colors and intricate detail on the wing’s underside.

All Decorative Butterflies come with an AC adapter.  A battery pack – perfect for centerpieces and floral arrangements when AC power is not convenient – is sold separately.

You can attach these butterflies to anything. They’re the perfect accessory for weddings and parties.  Put them on plants, furniture, windows, indoor and outdoor.

As with all our items, volume pricing applies when you purchase two or more Decorative Butterflies.  You’ll always get a great deal on our DIY wedding supplies, from battery operated candles to natural burlap fabric!

Flameless Taper Candles – Elegant and Classic

Battery operated, flameless taper candles find themselves equally at home on dinner tables, mantels and window sills, as part of wedding ceremonies, church services and graduation processions.

For schools, churches and other public places that have restrictions on live flames, our flameless candles step in to provide a flame, smoke and wax-free experience.

Offered in a variety of heights and diameters, some of our flameless tapers also come with adjustable bases to fit different size candle holders, and are equipped with timers as well.

Inexpensive vigil tapers come with incandescent bulbs, while the rest of our battery operated flameless taper candles utilize LED’s.

Blue Metallic Flameless Taper

Blue Metallic Flameless Taper

For a distinctive look, try our 12-inch Blue Metallic tapers.  They’re sold in sets of two.  The flexible, removable base will work in most candle holders and candelabras.  Suction cups are included for use as window flameless candles.

These battery operated candles will turn on every day at the same time and run for 6 hours before automatically turning off.  The flame produces an amber flicker.

This style taper also available in gold and silver.

From classic, 16-inch high dinner candles, to a 6-inch scented Grunge Style, there’s sure to be a battery operated, flameless taper candle in our inventory to fit your needs.




Wedding Centerpiece Ideas: LED Lights And Candles

Wedding centerpiece ideas – for the wedding party table and guests – are fun and easy to design.  Create one-of-a-kind centerpieces with our DIY wedding supplies.

Start by browsing the Wedding & Event category on the Battery Operated Candles website.  We offer a wide assortment of centerpiece supplies, at prices that allow you to purchase multiples of an item, or just that one special piece that will be sure to wow your guests.

Whether you want to add a warm glow to each table with battery operated candles, drape your tables in crystal garlands or illuminate a water feature with LED floating lily pads, we have you covered.

Hurricane Candle Holder Centerpiece

Hurricane Candle Holder Centerpiece

A good place to start is with a table runner.  Choose from natural burlap, or one (or a variety) of our festive colors of Deco Poly Mesh fabric.  Then, add some battery operated tea lights or votive flameless candles, mixed in with garlands of lighted LED lights. (If you have a large wedding or event, be sure to check out our tea lights with remote).

And top it off with a stunning centerpiece, like our hurricane candle holder with iced pine and white berries.  Select a flameless candle for the hurricane, and you have a complete arrangement that’s as lovely as it is easy to create.

The options and combinations are endless.  Trot on over to our Facebook page (easy link on the right of this page) to see a collection of photos to inspire and get you started.

And remember, we offer great discounts for wedding pros and individuals alike, so no matter your budget, you can bring it home with wedding supplies from Battery Operated Candles!

Color Changing LED Tree

Color Changing LED Tree

Color Changing LED Tree

Picture this beautiful color changing LED Tree in your home’s entryway, or in your office or retail establishment’s lobby!

Our color changing LED Cherry tree features 208 LED lights wrapped in silver, along with 208 acrylic flowers.  It’s adjustable for three heights:  5, 7 and a whopping 9-feet tall.  The tree top section is 3-feet tall, and its three pole sections are 2-feet each.

Its multi-color, color-changing LED’s are safe, emitting little heat and run off UL approved AC adapters.

While this color changing LED tree is designed mainly for indoor use, you can use it outdoors as well – just be sure to bring it inside when not in use, and during inclement weather.

If a single color LED tree is more to your taste, we also have cherry trees with white, blue and pink LED’s.

They’re all part of our extensive collection of indoor and outdoor LED trees, perfect for home decor and special occasions.

And guess what?  Our LED trees don’t need watering!