Crystal Centerpieces Ideas

Acrylic Crystal Tree

Acrylic Crystal Tree

Crystal Centerpieces add elegance and sparkle to any occasion.  We have  ideas for crystal centerpieces  to fit holiday decor, as well as wedding, anniversary and other special events.

Pictured is our 24-Inch Acrylic Crystal Tree with Clear Ice Crystals.  As part of our range of crystal centerpieces, you can place this stunning crystal tree on your table or as an accent piece throughout your home.  Measuring 24-inches tall and with a black metal base that’s 4-inches x 4 inches, the tree is embellished with chunks of clear acrylic ice and mirror pieces to create a shimmering, dazzling effect.

More crystal centerpieces:  check out our 36-inch tall crystal tree, which comes complete with its own decorative wood pot.  It features acrylic crystals on brown branch stems, and the branch span is 20-inches on the widest stems.

If you’re looking for lighted crystal centerpieces, our battery operated Mini-Tabletop Crystal Tree is for you.  It’s just the right height for your table, without blocking the view of guests.  This beautiful crystal tabletop tree features twelve branches, lit with 48 warm white LED’s.  Battery operated for convenient placement on tables, mantels and ledges.  The battery pack is located at the base of the tree.  Overal dimensions 31-inches tall and 5.5-inch diameter base.

You can embellish any of our crystal centerpieces with additional acrylic pendants, sold separately.  And, enhance your centerpiece with crystal garlands and sprays.

Attention wedding planners:  We have everything you need to create elegant weddings and receptions.  Our crystal centerpieces are a great place to start, and you’ll find complementary candelabra, votive and tea light holders, and of course battery operated, flameless candles from tea lights to pillars and tapers.

Shop now for holiday savings, and you’ll always receive additional discounts when you purchase in volume.  Take a look at the Wedding And Event Planning category on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Wedding Table Decorations To Dazzle Your Guests

Crystal Waterfall Tabletop Chandelier

Crystal Waterfall Tabletop Chandelier

After the wedding, it’s all about the reception.  And there’s nothing like creative Wedding Table Decorations to dazzle your guests!  From the cake table, to head table, to tables for your guests – we have wedding table decorations large and small, glitzy, trendy and timeless.

At the right is our 30-inch Crystal Waterfall Tabletop Chandelier.  Beautiful and elegant, its iridescent acrylic crystals rest on a sturdy base.  12-inches in diameter.

Versatility:  Place this chandlelier on its base and use as a beautiful centerpiece, or hang it if preferred. Illuminate with our hanging battery operated light kit, sold separately.

And would you like a mini-tree for your wedding table decorations?  Go for gold, with our 4-foot All Gold Tree With Decorative Pot.   With numerous branches, all bendable, you can shape this tree into any design you want

Decorate the tree with acrylic crystal garlands, LED string lights and even crystal iridescent diamond cut curtains which you can cut and shape to desired size.

Our selection of LED tea lights – standard and submersible – are perfect for dropping among floral arrangements, and votives and complementary votive holders create an elegangt glow.  Free-standing candelabra are perfect for flameless, batttery operated pillar and taper size candles – so many choices!

For a look at complete wedding table deocorations,  click on this link to our Pinterest page.  We have plenty of wedding table decorations on display, using this year’s popular designs, including natural burlap.

Our natural burlap comes in bolts, rolls and ribbon sizes, in natural burlap colors as well as colors like red, green and ivory.  Select entire table runners, table toppers, skirts, ribbon for chair backs – the list goes on and on.

Battery Operated Candles can be your entire do-it-yourself wedding supplier.  Whether you’re a professional planner, or a bride on a budget, we have the items to set your event apart from the rest, and at prices you’ll appreciate.

Our wedding table decorations are a great place to start!

LED Puck Lights For Floral and Event Lighting

Battery powered LED Puck Lights are the convenient, versatile way to light floral displays, and to provide specialized event lighting.  In addition, Rite Lite LED Puck Lights are the ideal solution for lighting bookshelves, closets, workshops and kitchen areas.

Sold in sets of three, our wireless LED puck lights feature five LED’s that last over 100,000 hours!  Power source is three AAA batteries, easily replaceable.

Battery Powered LED Puck Lights

Battery Powered LED Puck Lights

Installation is a snap:  no wires required, just use the provided hook & loop fasteners or provided screws.  Their small size – 1.5 x 3.5-inches – allow for placement in the smallest of areas, and for discreet placement with floral arrangements, and for illuminating wedding cakes, photos, and more during special events.

The LED puck lights have a one-touch On/Off switch with dimmer.  Tap once for full brightness, tap again for softer light and tap again to turn off.  Easy!  And, the light head swivels and pivots for ideal light positioning.

LED puck lights are useful as emergency back up lights, too.

Also available in white color.

LED Puck Lights are part of our offering of specialty floral and event lighting.

We have floral light bases in a variety of shapes and LED lighting configurations.  This provides you with the ultimate in display flexibility.

For example, our White Floral Base measures 1.5-inches high and 7-inches in diameter, and has 23 super bright LED’s:  15 LED’s are  arranged so those lights shine up through the floral arrangement, while 8 LED’s are placed around the outside to illuminate the outer rim.

You can even get floral bases with remote controls and AC adapters, as well as color changing models.

Check out all the LED Puck Lights, floral bases, fiber optic lights, our 60 LED Wall Washer and more – light up your next special event with these easy to use, convenient, lighting products.


Victoria Lynn Wedding Supplies

Victoria Lynn Pink Frosted Tea Lights

Victoria Lynn Pink Frosted Tea Lights

Victoria Lynn wedding supplies add that certain touch to weddings, anniversaries and other special events.

We offer a variety of Victoria Lynn wedding pieces, including these Pink Frosted Tea Lights.  When you need pink, these battery operated tea lights will fill the bill.  They feature a pink candle along with a pink LED that flickers just like a real flame. (The same tea lights are offered in purple).

Flameless tea lights are so convenient – easy On/Off switch, battery operated, flameless operation so safe around other decorations, curtains and in event halls where live flames are prohibited.

Sold in a set of three.  The votives and bling are sold separately, also available on the Battery Operated Candles website.

For a grand entrance, take a look at our Victoria Lynn Wedding Arch.  This 8-foot white arch touts 200 white lights for a dazzling display.  It’s constructed to resist tangling, is easy to personalize and decorate with additional accessories, always available from us.

The lights are easily replaceable, and all 200 feature flash or steady on operation.  You can use this arch inside or outside.

Finish up with Victoria Lynn 8-inch white paper lanterns.  Battery operated, safe flameless operation.  Ribbed design is a nice touch.  Requires 2 AAA batteries, for indoor and outdoor use and perfect for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other parties.

Victoria Lynn wedding supplies are just a few of the many wedding and party supplies you’ll find on the Battery Operated Candles website.  We specialize in helping you plan weddings and special events – whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a professsional wedding planner.

Flameless, battery operated candles in tea lights, votives, pillars and tapers are the perfect solution to churches and reception halls that do not allow live flames.

Our wide selection of wedding centerpiece arrangements allow you to mix and match to your heart’s content, to create a dazzling display that’s uniquely you!

And our volume pricing always provides great ways to save even more.

Start with Victoria Lynn wedding supplies and peruse our entire Wedding and Special Events category.

Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Preserved Boxwood Topiary

Beautiful, real Boxwood that has been preserved for years to come – our Preserved Boxwood Topiary in 6-inch and 12-inch sizes.

Our mini Preserved Boxwood Topiary is the perfect decoration for table settings, as card holders, and for placement in nooks and bookshelves throughout your home.  Bring the outside in – Preserved Boxwood Topiary brings the garden inside, year-round.

Our Preserved Boxwood Topiary design is a natural evergreen, treated to preserve the plant’s beauty.  For long lasting results, mist once a month and don’t place in direct sunlight.

So what’s a topiary and why Boxwood?

Topiary is the practice of “training” live plants by shearing and clipping their foliage to form, and maintain, clearly defined shapes.  The plants used in topiary are typically evergreen, with small leaves and needles, and very dense foliage.  Entire gardens and huge shapes and scutptures can be created  – remember the movie Edward Scissorhands?

While many types of evergreens can be used, Boxwood is a favorite.

The wood in Boxwood is smooth and firm, with strength and uniformity.  Throughout history it has been used to make small ornaments, boxes, utensils, musical instruments and even larger devices.

As a plant, Boxwood is very slow growing.  Consequently, it is ideal for framing garden spaces – paths, entryways, doorways,  – and when used for topiary, the shape acts as lovely ornamentation in the garden.  No doubt its slow growth enhances the appeal for topiary design.

Our 6-inch Preserved Boxwood Topiary is a lovely addition to wedding tables.  Pair it with our silk pomander balls – variety of colors available – or with one of our David Tutera vellum wine glass shades.  Looks great when combined with our natural burlap table runner and white lace ribbon.

You’ll find plenty of design ideas on the Battery Operated Candles website, under our Wedding and Event Planning category.


David Tutera Decorations For Weddings and Events

Accent your wedding or special event with David Tutera Decorations.

David Tutera – author, TV host and designer of countless wedding dresses and accessories – is one of today’s best known wedding planners and designers.

We’ve selected numerous David Tutera Decorations that complement our lines of battery operated candles, in addition to our extensive offerings of DIY wedding supplies.  If it’s David Tutera Decorations you want, it’s David Tutera you’ll get – for example:

David Tutera Lace Lattice Lamp Shade

David Tutera Lace Lattice Lamp Shade

Pictured Are David Tutera Lace Lattice Wine Glass Vellum Lamp Shades.

Turn any ordinary  wine or champagne glass into a centerpiece. Place a tea light – white, amber, colored – inside the wine glass, and you’ve got a lovely accessory for tables, bars, cocktail tables and more.

Sold in sets of twelve shades.  4.75-inches high with two lines of closure tabs to adjust size. Assembly is easy.

Laser Cut Favor Boxes are also a lovely centerpiece addition.  These 3-inch x 3-inch boxes are perfect for weddings, receptions, showers and make great gifts at the end of the evening.  Place a flameless, battery operated tea light or votive candle inside, and watch the box light up with a charming glow.

And if it’s tea lights you want, David Tutera offers water activated floating tea lights, perfect for vases and water displays.  In operation, two metal contacts on the bottom of the tea light turn on when wet.  Set of three with amber, flickering flame.

Battery powered string lights, flameless taper candles, even paper cones (perfect for rice, confetti, flower petals) round out David Tutera Decorations from Battery Operated Candles.

As always, our volume pricing allows you to mix and match products, and still get a great price.  If you’re planning your own wedding or special event, we have the the supplies for do-it-yourselfers and event planners alike.  To find all our David Tutera products in one place, enter “David Tutera” in the search box.

White Lace Ribbon

White Lace Ribbon With Burlap

White Lace Ribbon With Burlap

We do our best to stay on top of current design trends, and right now White Lace Ribbon is topping the charts.  When combined with our Natural Burlap, the effect is stunning.

We offer White Lace Ribbon with scalloped edge on a 30-foot roll, 5.5-inch width.  Use this beautiful lace ribbon to enhance all your natural burlap – and other – decorating ideas.

You can add it to chair back ribbons, to bouquets, wrap around pots and floral arrangements, and on top of table runners for a rich, layered look.

Nice complements to White Lace Ribbon are our White Satin Ribbon and Natural Burlap Chair Back Ribbon.

White Lace Ribbon comes in 1.5-inch widths and 150-foot lengths.

Natural Burlap Ribbon is offered in 7-inch widths and 9-foot lengths.

Our Natural Burlap Ribbon is the perfect width for chair back decor:  Start with the burlap ribbon, then add White Lace Ribbon and White Satin Ribbon for the complete look.  You can further embellish with dried flowers, fresh flowers and miscellaneous accessories to make each chair identical or unique.

Natural Burlap and White Lace Ribbon are this year’s popular wedding table design.  Hop on over to Pinterest to see all the possibilities!  You’ll also find lots of design ideas on our website, under Burlap Ribbon – Fabric.

We offer Natural Burlap fabric in just about every width and length imaginable.  Entire bolts of fabric, table runners, table toppers – you name it.  Natural brown and beige, as well as colors.  Burlap ribbon comes in a variety of widths and lengths, as well as natural and colors.

And we’re always adding new items, like French Script Wired Fabric Ribbon.  Stylish and unique, you can use this ribbon for all sorts of things from table decor to floral arrangements to wrapping gifts.

As always, volume pricing lets you pick and choose multiple items for economical purchasing.

DIY Wedding Chandelier

Crystal Gemstone Three Tier Chandelier

Crystal Gemstone Three Tier Chandelier

We just went to a wedding reception held outdoors in a huge party tent.  In addition to festive string lights draped in the tent’s framework, there was a gorgeous DIY Wedding Chandelier hanging in the center of the tent.

You can use a DIY Wedding Chandelier for your reception – indoors or outdoors –  for any special occasion, or keep it hanging on porches or elsewhere in your home year round.

And we have just the DIY Wedding Chandelier for you – portable, easy to install.

The DIY Wedding Chandelier at left is our beautiful and elegant Three Tier Beaded Gemstone Chandelier.  It features baby blue iridescent crystal beads.  25-inches in height and 10-inches in diameter, this hanging chandelier hangs 25-inches with chain, 16-inches without.

It comes with an electric light kit that uses up to a 75-watt bulb.

Or, combine this chandelier with our battery operated, LED light kit (sold separately).

This style of DIY Wedding Chandelier is also available in pink, mint, lavender and clear – choose the color that matches bridesmaid’s dresses and the rest of your decorating scheme.

For a more traditional look DIY Wedding Chandelier, we offer a variety of chandeliers with beads and clear, acrylic crystals.

For example, our Crystal Acrylic, With Large Clear Gems, DIY Wedding Chandelier measures 12-inches wide and 10-inches high (19-inches hanging).  Its cascading large gem crystals – 5-inches long – are an elegant look for weddings and special events.

You can also get this same chandelier with multi-color crystals.  This dazzling chandelier features pink, orange, green and blue crystals, which dazzle and cast interesting patterns when lit with the included lighting kit or our optional LED battery operated light.

You’ll find more DIY Wedding Chandeliers in our Wedding category, and if a more standard look is what you want, check out our Kami Chandeliers in Outdoor Decor.


Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

Battery Operated Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

Battery Operated Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

Get the party started with spectacular fiber optic lighting!

Pictured is our Fiber Optic Lighting Kit, a battery operated light that runs on two AA batteries.

This Flora Lite Fiber Optic Lighting Kit is perfect for centerpieces, wedding arrangements, bridal bouquets and other floral applications.

It features 50 fibers and is 12-inches long, with a 3/4-inch diameter base.

You’ll be amazed at the brilliant light these tiny fiber optics add to any decor.  You can cut to any length, and, if you scrape the sides of the fibers, light shines where you scrape – a really neat effect.

Also available is a Multi-Color Changing Fiber Optic Light Up Decoration.  This battery operated (2 AA batteries) fiber optic light comes complete with its own base.  13-inch total height.

And we’re not done yet!  To round out our fiber optic lighting, we offer a pink, battery powered fiber optic light with 10-inch height and dazzling 12-inch width, as well as a battery operated White Crystal Fiber Optic Light.

The White Crystal Fiber Optic Light features clear crystal rocks in the base and white LED lights for the fiber optics. The lower portion of the base is black, which in low light makes the upper portion seem to be floating in mid air.  Mesmerizing!

This light runs on 3 AAA batteries.  It’s 13-inches tall and 18-inches wide.  At the base, 3-inches diameter and 3.25-inches tall.

Our Fiber Optic Lighting Kit is part of our selection of Event Lights and Floral Lights.  In addition to flameless tea lights in numerous styles, lighted floral branches and string lights, we have all sorts of specialty lights – probably quite a few you’ve never seen:

Lights like floral spotlights… base lights in various shapes and arrangement of light bulbs…  even an illuminated display pedestal.  View them all on the Battery Operated Candles website.

Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon In Black And Silver

Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon

Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon

For weddings and special events, one of this year’s hottest design trends is Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon.

We’ve got Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon in the colors – black and silver – and the styles to add that bling factor to your table decor.

Talk about flexibility – you can use our Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon to wrap candles and candle holders, napkin rings, drape it as a swag at the head table, or around the hem of tablecloths, even accent your cake stand.

Pictured is our Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon in silver, with two rows of 3-mm diamonds.  1/4th-inch wide and 15-feet long; cut to desired lengths.

Follow the links on the photo or underlined above to read more – be sure to check out all our Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon, all with 3-mm diamonds arranged in various widths and lengths:

Single row, black or silver mesh, 30-foot length;

Double row, black or silver mesh, 15-foot length;

Eight rows, black or silver mesh, 6-foot length;

Eighteen rows, black or silver mesh, 4.5-inches wide and 30-feet long;

Twenty-four rows, black or silver mesh, 4.75-inches wide and 30-feet long.

Use Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon to complement the rest of your wedding reception, anniversary or special event decorations.  We have all the supplies you need to create an unforgettable setting:

Intertwine Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon with Deco Poly Mesh – offered in a variety of bright colors, use Deco Poly Mesh fabric to match bridesmaid’s dresses and flower colors.

Wrap Rhinestone Mesh Ribbon around battery operated, flameless candles – votives, votive holders and pillars.  Select white or ivory (like in the photo above), or any of our colors.  Pastel colored Luminara candles are available in lovely shades of pink, green, blue and lavender – a great place to start.

We do our best to make it easy for wedding and event planners, and do-it-yourselfers alike.  Volume pricing allows you to mix and match items, to get the best prices on all your wedding and event decorations.