Candlelight Vigil Candles

Safe Flame LED Vigil Candles

Safe Flame LED Vigil Candles

Candlelight Vigil Candles add dignity to somber occasions, are complementary items for religious rituals and ceremonies, and provide added meaning to graduations and other large events.

But Candlelight Vigil Candles with live flames are unpredictable outside, drip messy wax on bare hands, and produce unwanted smoke.

Battery operated, flameless Candlelight Vigil Candles to the rescue!  They’re safe for children and easy to use for choirs and large groups.

Our Safe Flame Candlelight Vigil Candles are economically priced to supply just a few or a hundred. Each candle comes supplied with two AAA batteries and turns on/off with a switch on the bottom of the candle. Shines 50 hours on one set of batteries; batteries have a two year shelf life and are sealed inside the candle.  Taper candle measures about 6-inches tall.

These candles are durable and dependable.  There is no exposed flame, yet the LED light source creates a realistic flickering flame effect.

Our Candlelight Vigil Candle is bright enough to use as a mini-flashlight, to read sheet music, programs, etc. in darkened environments.  Their economical price and ease of use make them ideal for churches, choirs, schools, charity events and other large groups – anywhere live flame candles are not allowed, and anywhere you want the convenience of a battery operated, flameless Candlelight Vigil Candle.

This same candle is available with a blue LED light source, as well as neon color changing bulbs, if desired.

Also available are Candlelight Vigil Candles with incandescent bulbs.  Sold in sets of two, they’re powered by two AA batteries.  7-inch height.  A color-changing bulb is optional.

And, we also offer a 6-inch white Candlelight Vigil Candle powered by two AA bulbs, with a 700 hour battery life.  Sold in sets of two.

You’ll find our battery operated, flameless Candlelight Vigil Candles in the Taper Candles category on the Battery Operated Candles website.