Burlap Votive Holders

Burlap And Glass Votive Holders

Burlap And Glass Votive Holders

Natural burlap is this year’s popular design accessory, and we have Burlap Votive Holders to complement any decor.

Here’s our set of six Glass and Burlap Votive Holders.  Measurements are  2.5-inches tall, 1.75-inches at the bottom, 2.25-inches at top.  Each clear glass votive is wrapped in natural burlap.

Whether your design goal is shabby chic or classy rustic, these burlap votive holders are right at home for weddings, anniversaries, and parties at home.

An interesting, alternative style to these traditional votives is our Natural Burlap Goblet votive holder.  Its irregular, rounded shape is 4.5-inches tall and 3-inches wide.

And then there’s our charming 3-inch Hanging Burlap Votive Holders.  These burlap covered glass hanging tea light holders are sold in sets of six.  You can fill them with water and use our submersible tea lights, or use a regular tea light – white, amber or color changing – for a lovely effect.  Measures 1.5-inches at the bottom and 2-inches wide at the top.  Wire hangers are included with these burlap votive holders.

You can use our flameless, battery operated tea light and votive size candles with these burlap votive holders.  When selecting, simply match votive holder and candle dimensions.

A good choice is our Candle Impressions 1.75-inch tall, cream color, unscented, round candle.  A larger tea light, this flameless candle fills the burlap votive holders.  It’s made of real wax and features the black wick you’ll find on every Candle Impressions flameless candle.

And easy On/Off switch is located on the bottom of the candle.  It uses CR2032 batteries, always available from us.

We have battery operated, flameless tea lights in the colors, sizes and quantities to fit whatever your needs.  Choose from submersibles, color changing, remote control, tea lights with timers, rechargeables… and you can mix and match quantities to come up with discounts that will make you smile.

Burlap Votive Holders and flameless, battery operated candles – a winning combination.