Bulk Tea Lights – Fantastic Savings!

Bulk Tea Lights

Bulk Tea Lights

Safe, flameless, battery operated tea lights are ideal for home decor, as well as for use in restaurants, churches, event halls and wedding receptions.  We offer Bulk Tea Lights to give you the best selection and pricing.

Bulk Tea Lights like the ones pictured here feature a white base with amber flickering LED flame.  They measure 1.5-inches in diameter x 2-inches tall, and come with replaceable batteries.  This set comes with 96 bulk tea lights, with their LED shaped like a flame, softly flickering to mimic the effect of a real candle.  A sturdy 3-leg platform allows placement even in difficult spots.  One click On/Off, and the replaceable lithium battery (CR2032) provides 72 hours of operation.

We also offer batteries at discount prices, including CR2032 button batteries.

You can purchase bulk tea lights in a variety of configurations, all qualifying for our discount pricing.  We have flameless tea lights with remote control, tea lights that are submersible, tea lights that are color changing, rechargeable tea lights, indoor/outdoor tea lights… the list goes on and on.

For example, if you want LED Color Changing Bulk Tea Lights, check out our wholesale bulk pack of 36 blister packages, containing four color-changing tea lights in each – 144 tea lights total.  Thee Everlasting tea lights have a flame shaped LED bulb, which flickers and rotates through 7 colors.  Comes in standard tea light size – 1.5-inch diameter x 2-inches tall – and features rotating colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange and lavender.  These tea lights’s LED flickers dramatically as the colors sequence.  Battery included, replacements always available from us.

Attention DIY wedding planners:  Bulk Tea Lights are the way to go when decorating your reception tables.  They look fantastic when incorporated into table centerpieces, and can be paired with most of our votive holders, which are also available with discount pricing.