Branches With LED Lights

No doubt about it – a rose of any color is a lovely addition to gardens and floral arrangements.  But roses are seasonal, and their season is short.  Branches With LED Lights to the rescue!  Now you can enjoy lighted floral branches year round – for example, our Lighted Pink Mini Rose Branch:

Pink Mini Rose LED Floral Light

Pink Mini Rose LED Floral Light

Part of our series of Branches With LED Lights, the Pink Mini Rose Branch features 60 bulbs, positioned on bendable branches.  Overall length is 19-inches.

This electric powered LED floral branch has a 16-foot cord and transformer, UL approved.

So versatile – display Lighted Pink Mini Rose Branches by themselves or as part of a larger floral arrangement.  The bendable branches allow for all sorts of creative arrangements.  A popular choice of wedding and event planners, these floral lights look wonderful anywhere in your home.

If you’re looking for battery powered branches with LED lights, we have them too.

An example is our 20-inch Amber Cherry Plum Branch, complete with 60 LED’s.  Beautiful amber blossoms shine with clear LED’s.  A 6-hour timer function allows ease of On/Off.

And of course, we have ever popular Lighted Willow Branches:  Choose among varying lengths, number of LED’s and types of bulbs.

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or year-round decor, branches with LED lights are a charming addition to your home.  So versatile – place them on mantels and ledges, as centerpieces, and among green plants.  During the day their blossoms add a dash of color, and when the lights are dim, their LED’s are absolutely stunning.

You’ll find a full selection of branches with LED lights on our website, under the heading “Lighted Branches”.