Battery Window Candles – A Year-Round Tradition Of Peace And Welcome

In America, placing candles in windows finds its historical roots in Colonial New England.  The message then was simple and heart-felt:  “Welcome” –  to family and travelers during the Christmas season.

Today, you can continue the tradition in your home year-round, with safe, flameless, battery window candles.

Throughout history, candles have been placed in windows for cultural, political and religious reasons.  The practice today is spreading across the United States, with the simple message saying, “welcome and peace” to friends, family and strangers alike.

Tying a yellow ribbon to your candles adds a thoughtful reminder of our troops on duty overseas.

Or select the appropriate ribbon color in quiet support of cancer patients and survivors.

Three Tier Window Candle with Pewter Holder

Three Tier Window Candle with Pewter Holder

Flameless, battery window candles are safe and convenient.  No live flame to worry about, and no clumsy electrical cords to plug in.  You can select both flameless candles and candle holders in a variety of styles.  Choose from candles with timers, candle-holders in pewter, gold and aged bronze, and with windowsill clips to keep them in place.

Illustrated here is our three-tier battery operated window candle, in pewter finish.

Featuring three tall candles, the entire assembly measures 10-inches high  x 9-inches wide, yet is only 1-1/2-inches deep at the base (easy placement on windowsills; also comes with handy windowsill mounting clip).

Automatic dusk to dawn operation lets the candle run itself.  Choose from flicker LED light or constant on setting.  Runs on 3 D cell batteries.