Battery Powered Mini Lights For Dazzling Displays

Restaurants and bars have figured out dazzling light displays bring in the customers, and nothing is more convenient than our Battery Powered Mini Lights.

So versatile, battery powered mini lights, and their sibling floral mini lights, can be used to decorate outdoor foliage, as well as indoor centerpieces and floral arrangements.  String battery powered mini lights from rafters and stair railings, or use them to illuminate walkways, entryways and to decorate year-round trees as well as your holiday trees and wreathes.

Cool White LED Battery Powered Mini Lights

Cool White LED Battery Powered Mini Lights

Indoor and outdoor battery powered mini lights come with timers for convenient operation.  Some floral mini lights are submersible for enchanting floral arrangements, and have flexible wires for easy placement among branches and leaves.

Illustrated at right is our 60 Cool White LED Battery Powered Mini Lights.  Length is 20-feet and these lights come with a six-hour timer.   Three AA batteries required.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the LED micro lights are on silver wire, with 4-inch bulb spacing.  Flexible silver wire is easy to shape and keep in place.  You can use these lights in water if desired.

Also available are warm white LED’s as well as twinkling lights.

For an all-in-one party decoration, check out our Battery Operated Crystal Drop Garland.  Measuring 5.5-feet, the lighted crystal drop garland features 16 warm white battery powered mini lights (LED’s) on 5.5 feet of silver garland, punctuated with drop crystals.

Perfect for holiday decorating and wedding and anniversary table centerpieces, our crystal garland with battery operation lets you use it anywhere without hassle of cords and outlets.  Runs on 3 AA batteries.

You’ll find a wide selection of battery powered mini lights on the Battery Operated Candles website.  Choose from warm and cool white LED’s, to dazzling blue, red, orange and multi-color lights, in lengths suitable for floral arrangements to longer length battery powered mini lights designed to decorate entire bushes and trees outside your home or restaurant.

And, with quantity pricing, you are assured of getting a great value to boot!