Battery Operated Luminara Candles With Remote

Luminara Flameless Remote Conrtol Candle

Luminara Flameless Remote Control Candle

You know Luminara battery operated candles as the candles with the “dancing flame”.  And new for 2013, is this set of six Luminara Candles With Remote.

These commercial grade, remote control Luminara Flameless Candles are ideal for restaurants, banquet halls, wedding receptions and other special events… but of course you can use them in your home as well.  Each set of six candles comes with one remote control.

Choose from 3.5-inch diameter x 5- or 7-inches high, or 4-inch diameter x 9-inch high candles.   White color and vanilla scent.  All candles have a five-hour timer.

Luminara battery operated candles utilize an internal LED, which shines through electromagnets and up to the flame tip.  The “dancing flame”  moves, creating motion that’s stunning and realistic.

If you prefer a single flameless Luminara Candle with remote control, elegant pillars in 4-inch diameter and 5-, 7- and 9-inch heights are available.  Ivory color and floral spice scent.  An elegant accessory when placed on a pedestal candle holder, and when arranged in group!

View more Luminara Flameless Candles on our Facebook page.  The pastel colored candles illustrated on Facebook are sold as singles, and when you order in multiples – mix and match colors! –  you’ll save even more!