Floral Light Base - 5 Inch Square 16 Super Bright LED Uplight

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  • Product Description
  • 5 Inch square floral light base with 16 super bright white LED's. Battery operated uplight uses 3 AA batteries, will run for 12 hours. Floral light base is 1.25 inch high and 5 inches square. This unique base has 16 Led's placed evenly thorughout the base. This spreads the light on all sides of the vase while other LED's illuminate directly up through the glass.

    Use to Up Light oversized tower vases, flower arragnments, bottles in your bar, water to beads or any translucent object.

    • Perfect for Oversized Items
    • Light Up Bar Bottles
    • 16 White LED's are Super Bright
    • Uses 3 AA Batteries (not included)
    • 5 Inch Square Base

    Floral up light uses bright white LED bulbs to transform your wedding, party or special event. The LED uplight is an illuminating base that will light any translucent design that is placed on top of it.

Product Information

  • Size: 1.25" H x 5" W
  • Depth: 5
  • Color: Clear with 16 LED's
  • Type: Floral Uplight
  • Battery Size: 3 x AA
  • SKU: #5-BASE